Chapter on Peter Collinson's 'The Man Called Noon'

Lee Broughton has had a chapter entitled ‘Adaptation, transculturation and the Western auteur: Louis L’Amour, Peter Collinson and The Man Called Noon’ published in Emma Hamilton and Alistair Rolls’ new edited collection Unbridling the Western Film Auteur: Contemporary, Transnational and Intertextual Explorations (Peter Lang, 2018).

The chapter presents a close critical comparison between the content of Louis L’Amour’s original American novel (published in 1970) and the content of Peter Collinson’s European filmed adaptation (released in 1973) that highlights and discusses the significance of key changes that were made in order to accommodate and foreground themes, motifs and aesthetics that are associated primarily with British Westerns and, to a lesser extent, Italian Westerns.

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