Chappagua's Gold /They Call Him Veritas DVD (Southern DVD)

(TurboJoe) #1

Just got this DVD in the mail yesterday… Igot more or less what I was expecting, two pan and scan prints sourced off of VHS of rare movies unavailable elsewhere (right?). I have “Gold” a quick spin last night and found it enjoyable enough and more or less the type of thing I was looking. But the DVD - - I am trying to figure out if my DVD itself is defective or if it is a “bug” in the release as Veritasabruptly cuts off - in fact, once it even shut down my whole player! The last image on my disc is of a woman in white shirt - you can see through the shirt to her nipples. I believe it ends around 1 hour 20 minutes… I can probably return it if I act fast enough. Has anyone else taken a look at this release ?

(YourPallbearer) #2

Zipped through a bit of it.
Not expecting much from when I actually sit down to watch it.
I found the opening card game with the floating camera interesting but everything else was standard stuff.