CG invite

Hey all. Does anybody have a CG invite I can use? I had an account but hadn’t logged in since 2008. I tried to log in recently but I guess my account was deactivated due to inactivity. But I would like to join again now that I have unlimited bandwidth. Thanks, appreciated.

little off topic - wanted to ask, if some site similar to CG, but with obscure tv shows exist?

I know that there is, and I was a member of that too, but I forgot the name of it, sorry. I remember the only thing I downloaded was the pilot to the Elvira show.

Someone hooked me up with a CG invite already so thanks!

The tv site is tv vault, run by same people I think

I don’t have an acct there tho

thanks aute,
hm, to get an invite there is a tricky part heh

I’m in the same situation with cinemageddon as the colonel above.

Been away for a couple of years and now my account is gone :frowning:

Looking for a kind soul with an invite to spare.