Cemetery Without Crosses / Une corde, un colt … (Robert Hossein, 1969)

Yeh - that might be the case. Regardless, Leone is not in it, but he did direct a little piece of it.

This is one I’m missing from my collection. Does anyone know if the Arrow blu-ray is region free and still available?

There is a US and UK edition, so de facto all region, or almost all region


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Just no “original” French audio.

The strange thing is that the title ‘Cimitero senza croci’ had already been decided in November 1967, and maybe even earlier, so why ‘Une corde, un Colt’? :thinking:

one is Italian, the other French. My french sucks, but maybe the literal translation just didn"t have a cool enough ring to it

Yes, but if it was decided (apparently in the plural, perhaps referring to towns) long before filming had commenced it is reasonable to assume that Hossein write it himself…

Pretty much the same in Italian – una corda, una colt.

I think he meant the opposite, Cimetières sans croix.

Ah, okay. Anyway, all four titles sound good to me.

What I’m wondering is if this title, contrary to what is thought, was translated into Italian.

Btw I am watching Cold Sweat and at the beginning there is a scene where the movie is playing on TV

I’d always assumed the French title was the original. Corde and Colt have some nice alliteration going on. Unfortunately “cord” doesn’t quite work in English in this sense and “rope” (as in the English version of the song) doesn’t work with Colt in the same way.

The plural thing with cemetery/cemeteries is weird though. Reminds me of Corbucci’s The Specialist(s)

Well, it is the original title.

Who can help the fella

As I am no meber of this group, what is the question for help?

did Sergio shoot the dinner scene, of course