Cavalry Charge / La carga de la policía montada (Ramón Torrado, 1964),_La

A lieutenant in the Canadian Mounted Police prevents a massacre and a fort from falling into Indian hands

Since “Mestizo” (Django non perdona) I’m a little Fan of Mountie-Westerns ! This one is on my search list, cause it sounds pretty good ! Have someone seen it ?
It’s a very rare film, i don’t knof, if there is any avaiable version !

[size=12pt]All Mountie hands on deck![/size]



Yes you sum things up nicely there. Enjoyed the action scenes aswell, the indians just seem to keep on coming.

Did you spot Brana or Sambrell?

On Fistful of Leone (see the link under the review) it is suggested that Brana plays the Indian Chief, but I found that hard to imagine, didn’t look like him at all. But then again, with all this war paint …

No did not spot them, kept looking out for Sambrell in particular.

I saw this too recently, didn’t like it that much. I didn’t spot Brana or Sambrell neither.