Cavalry Charge / La carga de la policía montada (Ramón Torrado, 1964)

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A lieutenant in the Canadian Mounted Police prevents a massacre and a fort from falling into Indian hands

Since “Mestizo” (Django non perdona) I’m a little Fan of Mountie-Westerns ! This one is on my search list, cause it sounds pretty good ! Have someone seen it ?
It’s a very rare film, i don’t knof, if there is any avaiable version !

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[size=12pt]All Mountie hands on deck![/size]




Yes you sum things up nicely there. Enjoyed the action scenes aswell, the indians just seem to keep on coming.

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Did you spot Brana or Sambrell?

On Fistful of Leone (see the link under the review) it is suggested that Brana plays the Indian Chief, but I found that hard to imagine, didn’t look like him at all. But then again, with all this war paint …


No did not spot them, kept looking out for Sambrell in particular.

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I saw this too recently, didn’t like it that much. I didn’t spot Brana or Sambrell neither.