Catlow (1971/ Wanamaker)

I just added this to the Eurowestern category of the database, along with a review I made.

Anybode else seen it?

Sounds Interesting, i’ve never seen it, i’ll have to try and track it down.

It’s not a die hard 100% serious kind of film, but Mr. Spock ( Leonard Nimoy) has a rare chance to play a bad guy.

Yul Brynner is on quite laid back mode, and Roy Budd does the music as I recall.

I’ve seen it several times and have read the book by Lamour.

It’s a feel good western so just sit back and watch it. As stated it’s great to see Nimoy as a villain.
The rest of the cast just have a good time making a western.

Funny…i just watched this one earlier on TCM. Haven’t seen it since i was a kid, but i still enjoyed sitting thru it again. Everyone in it looks like they’re having a good time, and there are a lot of familiar faces in there. Pity Leonard Nimoy has such a small role in it, as his character is quite malevolent ( i gather he remembers the film very fondly in his autobiography)…though i could have done without his nude scene! :-X

I have this film on my to rent list.

Had a lazy afternoon today and viewed this one.

Good natured film and is like a cat and mouse game between the two stars most of the time. Yul Brynner smiles through most of the film. Nimoy pops up as the bad guy of course and shame he did not have more screen time. Score is by Roy Budd who did some funky soundtracks in the 70’s.
Viewed the recent dvd release of the film.