Casts in Spaghettis

I think most spaghettis are very well cast, this is nice, and makes the characters credible. This is something to be aknowledged!

There are both many regulars who turn up many times, Franco Nero, Tomas Milian, Eduardo Fajardo, Fernando Sancho, Klaus Kinski etc, and of course people like Eastwood and Van Cleef. Everybody great!

Then there are some who have only done one, or a couple of spaghettis, like Tony Musante or Johnny Hallyday. They’re also great!

I can’t think of a really bad cast in any spaghettiwestern, there are some actors that may not be perfect, like Giuliano Gemma, but he is still ok.


Can’t really think of any spaghetti western with bad casting right now. Usually all the worst films of the genre like films of Fidani have great actors too: Kinski, Gordon Mitchell…

But about Gemma. I think he’s one of the greatest. He’s got talent for the serious, romantic and comedic roles and not just playing his roles with one expression throught the film like all the Eastwood-wanna-bes.
He’s also one of the few actors of the genre who can play really a likeable character.

I like Gemma too, but I do think he is a bit too clean cut looking.

Frank Wolff was a talented actor. Too bad he was given any larger parts.

I’d never been too impressed by Gilbert Roland. He was about the same age range as Lee Van Cleef (maybe a little older) but he doesn’t have the same ability to project toughness that LVC had. However I recently saw JOHNNY HAMLET and liked Roland in that more than I’d ever liked him in anything else.

Women didn’t often get very good roles, and so many of the women actors were merely adequate. Might have been due to underwritten roles, rather than lack of acting talent in some cases.

But there are some major exceptions. For example Michele Mercier is great in CEMETERY WITHOUT CROSSES / UNE CORDE, UN COLT. If she hadn’t been able to achieve the presence she does the film would not have been so good. Too bad she wasn’t in any other SWs.

US television actor Edd Byrnes was a very odd choice to bring to Italy to do a western and he wasn’t very good.

Also too bad that Eddie Constantine was not in any SWs (that I know of). I think he would have been great.

i put myself off of watching BLINDMAN for ages because Ringo Starr was in it (i hate the fucking beatles!) but i think the film is great and it is Tony Anthonys best in my opinion.

I am also not a fan of James Mitchum (he’s like a cheap inferior version of his dad)

Maybe we should even have a voting of favourite sw actors?

I’m no big fan of Steffen. He tries to be an Eastwood but I think he fails. But I liked him in Shango.

I agree about that. Not very easy to make good role of a saloon girl I guess.

I also like Gemma. there’s a likable innocence that he has but when he needs to be taken serious, he pulls that off as well. Kind of like Terrence Hill to me. Some have a problem with taking him seriously because of Nobody/Trinity. Not me. I think he has versatility.

That was my fear as well but he does a good enough job not to ruin it for me. Besides, his character is kind of a wanker anyways.

I’ve actually never heard anyone say they hate the Beatles before :’(

Hate’s a strong word, but i definitely don’t like 'em.

[quote=“I…I…Idiot, post:9, topic:401”]I’ve actually never heard anyone say they hate the Beatles before :’([/quote]Don’t hate them but do think they were over rated, and i’m well over 40.