Castellari autographs for sale or trade

So for some reason I still have

  • a reprint of a spanish Dirty Outlaws poster
  • a reprint of a dutch Kill them all and come back alone quad poster
    Both with what I think is Enzo Castellari’s original autograph. I must have gotten these from Koch Films or someone many many years ago and they are now collecting dust in my shelf. They need to find a new home. Anyone interested?


I do like the Johnny Hamlet poster, but with not being able to work my summer job, it might be out of my price range.

Ditto for me. :confused:

I have to ask, how much are you asking for the autographs Sebastian?

I am open to suggestions. Needless to say, I am more concerened with finding a proper home for them than making lots of money, on the other hand that money will go into paying SWDb bills or purchase of spaghetti westerns, so it will benefit the site in some way… I have some first offers already, but I am in no hurry so suggestions are welcome