Castellari: Action Italian Style

Looks interesting and not for bad price:

Has anyone read it yet?

Have just ordered it along with a couple of other titles from Midnight Media … It’s only 44 pages (more of a pamphlet than a book) though so the price is fitting I think :slight_smile:

The guys behind Midnight Media were at a local film fair I attended recently, selling copies of films on DVD R for as much as £12 U.K pounds and the sad thing is people pay it!

It’s ‘just’ a long interview with Castellari sprinkled with a LOT of nice screenshots and cover art etc. In the back of the pamphlet there’s a Castellari-filmography.

I think I would have liked it better if they had a run-through of his whole production garnered with descriptions and perhaps current availability instead of just this.

But nice of lot images so if you like to stare at pretty pictures this ‘book’ is for you :slight_smile: