Cast your own spaghetti western

You start shooting your “spaghetti style” western tommorow and you’ve got your pick of stars to choose from ,who do you cast?

Here is my cast…GARY OLDMAN the “hero”…WILLEM DEFOE the villian…MICHAEL WINCOTT the psychoctic henchman…MONICA BELLUCCI the girl…OZZY OSBORNE the village idiot.

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I’d definitely see that work Jonah.
Depends on the budget and on the angle (comedic, action, drama). But let’s focus solely on the budget. These are some good possibilities imho.

Low/medium budget:
Dario Argento, Alex De La Iglesia, Paul Verhoeven (Director)
Marco Leonardi, Vincent Cassell, Robert Carlyle (Lead Role)
Rutger Hauer, Frank Vincent, William Fichtner (Bad Guys)
Luis Guzman, Danny Trejo, Enrique Iglesias, Joaquin De Almeyda (Mexicans)
Porn stars (Girls)

Big Budget:
Brian De Palma, Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese (Director)
Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Brad Pitt (Lead Role)
Robert De Niro, Ralph Fiennes, Jack Nicholson (Bad Guys)
Benicio Del Toro, Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem (Mexicans)
Angelina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, Scarlett Johannson (Girls)

I’d like to see a spaghettiwestern directed by the Coen brothers or Takeshi Kitano. David Lynch would be interesting too.
Btw, Dennis Hopper should be in there, maybe a cameo of sorts. Danny Trejo should ALWAYS be in there. You name a more stereotypical Mexican looking dude.

Christian Bale ,Rutger Hauer,Del Toro,Trejo… cool choices. How bout Rob Zombie as a director? I think it would be cool to see his take on the old west.

Yeah, for some nightmareish peyote visuals. If there’d ever be a remake of Django Kill, Zombie is the man to do it!

Benici would be nice also as a Hero - Spaghetti styled Hero