Carry On Cowboy (Gerald Thomas, 1965)

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Great! Carry On Cowboy is on the SWDB (Eurowestern), not my favourite Carry On movie (that honour goes to Carry On Camping) but a lot of fun. From the opening scene where the Rumpo Kid rides into town, immediately confronted by three gunfighters, he kills them all then says “I wonder what they wanted?” To ending which is so bizarre it could easily be taken from a Provvidenza movie!
Growing up in the UK these film were a staple diet for me, love them or hate them (all that innuendo) they’re a British institution. They’re constantly on TV over here (Carry On Screaming this afternoon) and the DVDs are even given away free with purchases of the daily tabloids. Feel free to use the thread to talk about any of the Carry On movies.

Yes, the Carry On films are a good laugh and remind me of my youth.

Carry On Screaming is one of my favs.

The Carry On films really are a british comedy institution. For me though they lost their way at the end of the sixties. I voted “Love 'em” but would really qualify that with “Love 'em up to Carry on Camping”. My faves would be all the earliest ones plus Carry on Spying, Carry on Screaming and Carry on Cleo which has the classic Kenneth Williams line of "Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!"
Excellent stuff.
Carry on Cowboy is certainly not one of the best but pretty decent Carry On fun.

i got one free with THE SUN, didn’t bother with the others though

do you think you could add a “neutral” vote.

I don’t love them but i don’t hate them either :slight_smile:

The Sun gave away 7 a couple of weeks ago, one of them was Carry On Emmanuelle (1978) which has got to be one of the worst if not the worst Carry On films ever! Carry On Cowboy was given away about a year or so ago.
I’ll include a “They’re OK but I’m not really that bothered about them either” vote too :wink:

Hah i have always liked this one. they do such a good job of making a western, and it is a comedy western!!! the only one there is i am afraid. anyway i like the bit where sid james has to give up his gun in the saloon cos they is not allowed in town, he gets it out and joan sims says, ‘my you’ve got a big one!’ and sid replies, ‘I’m from Texas Ma’am, we’ve all got big ones down there!’ I still laugh at this,my fav carry on line. I am chuckling to myself now just thinking about it. SId james says it so well.

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