Carlos (Hans W. Geißendörfer, 1971)

Anyone seen this? Saw the soundtrack on LP in a beg music store but didn’t buy it.

Yep, it’s pretty well made and has a great cast. Maybe I’ll rewatch it and write a few lines these days.

I’ve made a database entry for this little seen German western:

Let’s wait for Dillinger’s comments.

Good work

“teutonic heaviness” - I like that; the expression that is. Didn’t know the Germans used it themselves.

He he I like it too. Geissendörfer probably won’t like it.

Here’s an interview with Dominik Graf where he talks about what was and what is wrong with the German film and it’s strong leaning towards severity which also results in their problems with genre films.

Great job Stanton.

I might have the time to watch (and write something about) it these days…