Carambola (Ferdinando Baldi, 1974)

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This comedy Baldi film rips off Trinity completely but it is a Baldi film and I haven’t seen it so I can’t pass too much judgement on it. Anyway, it sounded interesting because Baldi is a great director and the soundtrack sounded interesting on a fistful of pasta.

A rip-off for sure but very enjoyable all the same.

Anyone with sattelite tv in the UK can catch this on the movies4men channel. :wink:

Oh yeah,and i absolutely love that extremely catchy soundtrack.Dying to see the sequel.

I’m the opposite… never seen Trinity! ;D :o

Could be worth contacting movies4men to see if they can get the Carambola sequel for TV. Wouldn’t mind seeing it and also the Shanghai Joe sequel too. They do seem to be able to get some SW rarities.

Well if you don’t think that it is a rip off, look at the actors or the sppede up gin slap routines.

[quote=“caldwell76, post:3, topic:1276”]I’m the opposite… never seen Trinity! ;D :o

Could be worth contacting movies4men to see if they can get the Carambola sequel for TV. Wouldn’t mind seeing it and also the Shanghai Joe sequel too. They do seem to be able to get some SW rarities.[/quote]good old movies for men , they regularly show spaghetti westerns and other italian stuff, war movies, action etc.they are rumoured to be having a sw weekend but don’t know when this will be.

A film which does not require much brain power to understand, and even if you like the film I think most would agree it is not the best western by this director.The theme song is O.K at first but after being played a few times becomes a bit repetitive for me.

I hated this song! I would give the movie 5/10, because its definitely watchable. It just tries too hard to imitate Trinity movies. It goes over the top with fistfights every 5 or 10 miniutes. Apart from the dreadful title song we get some horrible synth bits and one or two quite nice themes.

I’ve only seen the sequel (as The Crazy Adventures of Len and Coby), which doesn’t make me want to rush to see Carambola.

It’s basically a series of sight gags and slapstick scenarios stringing together a plot about Len and Coby selling a motorbike to different parties.

It pokes fun at the law, the army and women, but the heroes have none of the charm of Trinity and Bambino.

Oh, and there’s a messy fight involving eggs.

Why did I try to watch Carambola without any beers?

Was somewhat distracted while viewing, but I have a feeling that I didn’t miss much. Agree that it is watchable and somewhat enjoyable, although a complete & total ripoff of Trinity.

I’m with alk0 on that theme song, hated it. I’m not much for these kinds of “catchy” pop tunes in my spaghets, but I suppose it does fit the film.

Oh yeah, the presence of Paul Smith made Carambola instantly more likable for me. The scene where he’s making googly eyes at the saloon ladies is great

Good question :wink: .

An essential part of the viewing expeirence :smiley: .

Never watched it, but then again, I’m not a beer drinker …

Portuguese BETA release!

Carambola (1974)[url][/url]

Very nice, Nuno.

Been putting this one off for a long time as Trinity rip offs are far from my cup of tea. Anyway, finally gave in (just to clear off my TV recorder to be honest) and got pretty much what I was expecting. Whatever your feelings about the original Trinities they were well made and entertaining. Rip offs like these are very poor relations and are pretty hard to watch for me. That said, Paul Smith does a pretty good impression of Bud Spencer (Antonio Cantafora less so of Terence Hill), there are some other welcome faces (Horst Frank and Guglielmo Spoletini) and the theme tune, though overused is quite catchy. Too many bar room brawls of course but not as much slapstick as there could have been and that is always a blessing.

So, all in all, what you’d expect without being quite as bad as you might fear. Not the worst I’ve seen but won’t be going back in a hurry.

I like this one. It would have been great if it was Terence Hill and Bud Spencer instead but even as a rip off, it’s still enjoyable. I taped it while it was on movies4men but it’s not very good quality. I think there’s a problem with the video recorder. I wish there was a DVD release with English audio. Did anyone else notice that the federal soldiers were wearing Confederate uniforms? ;D That was a bit strange.

Had not seen this one before for the simple fact that i’m not a big fan of these types of western comedies, but a fan recently made a widescreen uncut version, with triple audio, so i thought i would check it out. Well, it’s not that good obviously and the many fistfights gets annoying pretty quick, but it does have a few enjoyable moments and the two leads are quite decent in their roles. Anyways, glad i got this one out of the way.

Tried watching ‘Carambola’ a few years ago…that was enough…one was enough!

Even though I am NOT a fan of the comedy ‘Spags’, I LOVE the two original ‘Trinity’ films…
Who could not adore the pairing of Hill and Spencer?

Carambola is a blatant rip-off…not impressed!

The next western I will be giving a re view.

I think it’s an enjoyable rip off but the fight scenes do get a bit boring.