Captain Apache StoneVision UK DVD releases

Regarding the Stonevision DVD release(s) -

I recently purchased the Stonevision UK release that has the pic of Van Cleef and the Indian Chief(second photo in link). Although this release states WIDESCREEN on the front and back cover, it is indeed only full frame.

link with DVD pics:

I am told that the previous Stonevision UK release with just Van Cleef and his pistol (top pic in link) is a widescreen 1:85 transfer(although this was filmed 2:35).

Can one of you spaghetti experts please verify this for sure? Does anyone have the WS UK release or any WS release for sale or trade?

I see that a french 2:35 WS transfer was issued(last pic in link) but with no english audio.

nice CA review here:

Like I answered on the ‘other’ board I’ve got the “Van Cleef and the Indian Chief”-version and it is 1.85:1 as promised. As far as I remember it is also anamorphic, you didn’t forget to ‘widen’ the movie when watching?

interesting. I was close to buying one of them once. Once you guys have clarified all the details, can you feed that info into the database please?

Is there a widescreen version of this film anywhere? English audio

I have the Stonevision release and it is as Soren describes above.
Widescreen and in English.

i wonder which movie it’s more crap captain apache or god’s gun??

Captain Apache makes me laugh and Lee’s own voice on the english dub so that is the less crap one for me.