Can someone identify this?

[size=10pt]I saw a western 15 years ago on television in Arizona that has never left my mind. Can someone identify it? A gang enters a small house and kills all of the family but the young boy hides. He goes then to the hill on his property, and the boy is shooting at bottles…then the scene changes. He is now a tall, slender man shooting at the bottles with a smooth fast effortless draw. When he thinks of the man that killed his family, an image like a bubble appears over his head of his pursuit,the man dressed in black.
It is now time for him to go into town and find the man in black. He enters into a small shop asking around and a small scuffle starts. The young man stops the scuffle quickly without any incident. The woman shop keeper notices him, and does say there is a man like he is looking for. Now the man (good-guy) looks like Randolph Scott or Chuck Connors (rifleman)or Clint Eastwood…but there is a straight, no-nonsense, all business manner to him, not a tough guy, just a guy that
knows what he wants and not much talking. He meets up in the middle of town with the "man in black” who is laughing at him. The 2 men agree to meet in the middle of the street on the next day in typical gun fighter style. There is the meeting and the draw…the ‘good guy’ only shoots the ‘man in black’ in the hand on purpose, the woman is so pleased that she takes away the good guy in a romantic way. The film is in black & white…it is not ‘Death Rides A Horse’, although very similar.
I was told that it is a German film of a Carl May western…I have never been able to find even the name…can someone name the film?[/size]