"Can Be Done Amigo" question

Has anyone ever seen this movie in widescreen? Does it exist?

Please search a little before asking such questions :wink:

C’mon, it’s only his fourth post. You know the answer. Help him out.

I think I just helped him, or didn’t I?
I didn’t have to respond. Such questions are a bit lazy in my opinion. After all, who did all the work now?

@ ekimklaw, http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Si_può_fare…_amigo/DVD

And yeah, that one is German only. There’s a Danish, or Swedish, VHS in widescreen that uses the English dub. There is also an English fandub floating on the net that uses the image of the German dvd. I believe the film also had a dvd release in Spain and/or Portugal, that are not in the database. Probably no English options.

My bad. I forgot to say widescreen IN ENGLISH. I kinda like this movie and I have looked around and all I can find is the full screen version IN ENGLISH. Sorry I forgot to specify that.

Thanks for the link BL, although this version of the movie is USELESS to me as I don’t speak German.

Oh well. No biggie. I’ll keep on searching. BTW I noticed on September 14th this is coming out with “It Can Be Done” on it. Hopefully it will be widescreen…


Not a problem.

Don’t get your hopes up with that upcoming release. It’s a cheapo disc that will most likely have the same version already put out by several other American outits.

I suggest you get the fandub at cinemageddon. And yes, it’s a nice film indeed.

I’ll check it out! Have you ever watched a dreadful pan and scan version of a spaghetti western and thought… hey this aint too bad. I bet it would be better if it was nice quality. That’s how it was for me with this one. Anyway, thanks again for the tip! :slight_smile:

Yes, plenty of times unfortunately. But hey, beggers can’t be chosers. Sometimes it’s the only way to check out a film.