Can any topic still be posted in this forum?

(Mrs Angel Eyes) #1

When I posted long ago, I remember all sorts of topics being posted. Now I just see film-related threads, not that I’m complaining. So I can I post any topic (within reason of course)? Just want to play by the rules, written or unwritten.

(El Topo) #2

Sure you can, this is the Cantina

(scherpschutter) #3

there’s still the thread called “Talk Whatever”


Welcome back Mrs Angel Eyes.

(Mrs Angel Eyes) #5

Thank you, E … well, I guess I will freely babble then ;D

Is it just me or does it seem a lot quieter here these days?

(TheBigSmokedown) #6

All posts are allowed except for posts about what is allowed. Mods, please delete. Thanks.

(Mrs Angel Eyes) #7

If the mods haven’t deleted it, who gave you the right to say my thread is invalid?

(Phil H) #8

I suspect he was joking


My thoughts exactly :wink: .

(Mrs Angel Eyes) #10

It crossed my mind that he might be joking, but I fail to see how it is funny.

(John Welles) #11

Well, he’s contradicting himself in the same sentence… Anyhow, it’s nice to see you back Mrs. Angel Eyes.

(Mrs Angel Eyes) #12

Thanks John :slight_smile: