Can any topic still be posted in this forum?

When I posted long ago, I remember all sorts of topics being posted. Now I just see film-related threads, not that I’m complaining. So I can I post any topic (within reason of course)? Just want to play by the rules, written or unwritten.

Sure you can, this is the Cantina

there’s still the thread called “Talk Whatever”

Welcome back Mrs Angel Eyes.

Thank you, E … well, I guess I will freely babble then ;D

Is it just me or does it seem a lot quieter here these days?

All posts are allowed except for posts about what is allowed. Mods, please delete. Thanks.

If the mods haven’t deleted it, who gave you the right to say my thread is invalid?

I suspect he was joking

My thoughts exactly :wink: .

It crossed my mind that he might be joking, but I fail to see how it is funny.

Well, he’s contradicting himself in the same sentence… Anyhow, it’s nice to see you back Mrs. Angel Eyes.

Thanks John :slight_smile: