California (Michele Lupo, 1977)

(Dr. Menard) #121

Look way better then the German NEW DVD which used an old 35mm theatrical print which frankly looks like shit. Seems i need to get my hand on either the DSX or TripleX release instead. Anyone have a clue which one of those would be the best?

(Bad Lieutenant) #122

The Triple X release has only Italian and Thai audio I think. Thai subs only. Their releases are usually ripped from existing releases, in this case probably an Italian dvd.

(tomobea) #123

I have 5 different versions of this film and the best is the one from M4M, i think!?

(The Stranger) #124

So I have the NEW DVD. And the picture quality is ok.
But certainly not as good as the DSX DVD.

(Dr. Menard) #125

Looks like the DSX release is the best english friendly release at the moment. Guess i´ll order it from DSX their website at the end of the month when they are back on track with their outstanding orders. I´ll lose the German soundtrack, which i prefer, but at least the DVD will be watchable. The NEW DVD just look attrocious with almost no colors and lines and scratches everywhere. :frowning:

(The Stranger) #126

I wonder about the good quality of the individual releases of DSX.
At least when I see the screenshots.
It’s a very small company.
And they seem to restore the films very beautiful.
Respect. :wink:

(tomobea) #127

Anyone have the Japanese DVD?

(Sundance) #128

I have it. There are screenshots from it couple of pages back. (or more or less depending in there is a way to change the amount of posts displayed per page :stuck_out_tongue: )

(sartana1968) #129

another boring SW and the end ends with a fistfight not shooting!
the first 40 minutes has some good moment’s the rest of the movie
i was fall i sleep… bore at his best ???
my rating 1\5

(Andy) #130

This almost felt like two different movies to me. I got a kick out of the scene where a bunch of people are jumping on frogs in the mud and then they roast frog legs over a fire haha.

(sartana1968) #131

you can say original scene

(p.pereira) #132

Here in Portugal we actually eat them during the Summer.
Very good, trust me!

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #133

I’m Chinese so I love eating frogs too. I get them frozen in packages.

(ENNIOO) #134

What do they taste like ?

(Bad Lieutenant) #135

Chicken. Not bad, but not much meat on them. Just get some chicken instead.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #136

Its not exactly like chicken. Its more of a hybrid between chicken and fish.

(Bad Lieutenant) #137

I guess it depends on how it´s prepared. Also, because I´m a smoker my taste buds are not that refined anymore. To me rabbit also tastes like chicken, maybe a bit softer. The first time I ate duck, I thought it was chicken, haha.

(scherpschutter) #138

I’m a vegetarian, so for me it’s all the same: duck, chicken, frog, rabbit, fish … fish smells different though.

(ENNIOO) #139

The smell of chicken turns my stomach over these days for some reason.

(cochino) #140

I’ve just watched this and enjoy it a lot. Gemma was great, the story was interesting and not very cliched. The drama was rather well done and I think the final fight was excellent, specially the bottle bit.
I have mixed feelings about the soundtrack, I liked some of the themes a lot, like the one with organ and guitar, but there were some others that weren’t bad themselves but felt out of place, like they belonged to a poliziotteschi or something. Still, it didn’t damage the film as much as the Keoma soundtrack did.
My third favorite Gemma film after the two Ringos.

Oh, and I watched the DSX DVD and it’s excellent quality.