California (Michele Lupo, 1977)


Love the poster :rofl:

PS: Thought this was a mock up, hadn’t realised it has an alternate title.


I think we all took the alternative title as a directive. :wink:


Where about is this location? I probably went past it without realising what it was when I was there last year :disappointed:


It’s above Mini - Hollywood … if you continue from the western town, into the hills, there are two trails … one that takes you to the ‘Duck You Sucker’ bridge and eventually to Tuco hill.
The other trail which goes to the right is about a quarter mile from the main road … there are 3 buildings, the remains of a farm. Not that exciting to the casual viewer. Very exciting to a Giuliano Gemma fan :+1:

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Got damned power lines getting in the shot :selfie:

It must be an interesting feeling looking over the landscape in real life


All that crap appeared about a year before the last visit in 2014 … they somehow managed to ruin previously unspoiled views of iconic landscapes - just glad I got there before the McDonalds and Starbucks pop up.

PS: It’s very emotional to visit these areas, which are naturally interesting … but more so with so much film history from a period which will never be repeated.

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McDonalds and Starbucks… I think a new spaghetti must be made where the stranger comes to town and gets a #2 large sized from an automated kiosk

I can kind of imagine the feeling of being there… hope I get the chance to go some day


It’s simply magic … when you walk around the canyons and hills, automatically you hear Morricone in your head … or Rustichelli if that’s your preference :smiley:

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Hi Aldo,

can you pls confirm if the buildings above are the same as in the satellite picture below & map?
(just where the road takes a 90 degrees turn to the left)

I was in Tabernas earlier in the year and went on the road to the right (after the river bed, 1st mistake) and drove up (2nd mistake) until the road flattemed out. I remember passing a building on the right that was in off the road and slightly lower than the road (the satellite shows 2 more buildings nearly). Unfortunately I didn’t stop or take a photo.


That’s it precisely … I found it by accident a few years earlier, when I went further into the hills, looking for the ‘Fistful of Dynamite’ coach explosion location … I was on foot, so plenty of rests en route and perhaps more time to take in the surroundings.

There are still loads of places I haven’t checked out fully … so I reckon I’m due another visit soon :wink:

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I visited Almeria 2 weeks ago - it was good to explore this location properly.

The guide book that I was using, La Almeria de Sergio Leone, gave the location of the stagecoach scenes & Juan/John eating/talking as being further up the road past Leone bridge but I could not find it. After returning home and searching on google satellite images I found the correct location for some of these scenes, as Aldo mentioned above, on the road to the right of the one to Leone bridge (near Mirador Desierto de Tabernas).

I was just a short walk from here last year without knowing it!

I take it that the stagecoach from Duck you Sucker only went up 1 road at this location?


There’s only one way I know of, and it must have been a stressful experience bringing the coach up there, as the road is in very rough condition.


Fortuneately I fall in the latter. Really appreciate the directions, as I’ve just posted in the Almeria thread I’ll be taking another trip there later this year and I’ll be sure to check this place out then :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely is.