Bury Them Deep / All’ultimo sangue (Paolo Moffa, 1968)

VHS u mean? Yeah that would be great

VHS - yes!

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The town raid by the Mexicans is mostly cribbed from Taste of Killing not Pistoleros (you see Lorenzo Robledo as the sheriff who gets shot). This scene has no purpose to the plot since the Mexicans are only introduced in one scene earlier so they do nothing except get killed. The opening raid on the town by the villains disguised as cavalry is also Taste of Killing (Robeldo seen again) and again has no narrative purpose after the previous stagecoach robbery (from Starblack), The insertion of the bar room brawl from Starblack taking place in a saloon which the protagonists seem strangely reluctant to enter was unintentionally funny.

As you say, the stock footage is different quality from the new footage with Hill and Manni. Very noticable on the Koch Blu Ray.

There must be at least half an hour of borrowed footage - leading to questions as to whether the writer knew which bits of stock footage would be inserted when he wrote the script or whether this was added by the director/producer. Reminded me of some of those Edward Small American 1960s westerns which use footage from his earlier westerns - have you ever seen Frontier Uprising (1960)?

No, but I know several other US westerns which use stock footage from older films.

I recently watched Land Raiders (1969) from a Blu, a film which also heavily does this, and all the stock footage looks like coming from a VHS copy. And is by that easily identifiable.
But of course many of these shots do not match with the footage directly shot for the film, it is obvious even without the picture quality.

Hmm, I’m pretty sure that some shots in Bury Them Deep originate from Pistoleros.

The Italian film historian interviewed on the Koch Blu Ray calls it a ‘Frankenstein’ Film.

There are at least 4 different movies spliced into it - Starblack, Taste of Killing, In a Colt’s Shadow and 4 Dollars of Revenge. The Italian film historian identified three of these films but In a Colt’s Shadow (which he didn’t identify) is used for the shoot out in the streets of the Mexican town including a brief close up of Aldo Sambrell shot in the head. There may be more. Virtually every action shot not involving the 4 main male actors is from another film. I wonder how they got the rights to this as different production companies involved. Maybe they didn’t!

Jose Greci’s death was also very confusing. Wood shoots Mani in the arm. She screams ‘no’ and then Wood empties his pistol at what I assumed was Mani. When we cut back it’s she who’s dying in Mani’s arms and he hasn’t been hit again. Wood goes off leaving Mani, who he has just spend the last few minutes trying to kill, alive.

Koch Blu Ray runs 98m25s ( DVD also in package but only watched Blu Ray). This includes end credits of about 1m. The print is Italian. German and English language options as well as Italian but no English subtitles. Picked it up very cheaply from an Amazon market seller.

That’s interesting about Land Raiders which I have seen (twice) but didn’t spot borrowed footage. This one I spotted the borrowed bank robbery footage at once. Shame on me.