Bury Them Deep / All’ultimo sangue (Paolo Moffa, 1968)

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For my upcoming review of the BluRay I am looking for more pictures, we have fairly little in the SWDb, no stills, no lobby cards, not even screenshots. Who can help?

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Even though we have scenes and music tracks from other westerns in this one, it all fitted together nicely. Hill is good value in a western which brought back the Spaghetti vibe back to me.

(The Man With a Name) #24

I think this is quite a good one. It uses a lot of stock footage, which makes it feel very cheap but it does have a good story. I think they could have cut a few scenes, especially since there’s some unnecessary riding that slows down the pace. The soundtrack is a bit uneven with good music (I like the main theme) and some annoying music (the Mexican stuff). Overall, it’s an enjoyable low budget spaghetti. The Koch release is worth getting.

(ENNIOO) #25

Viewed again recently aswell, and yes do not mind it. The score helps alot for me as like the composer.

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Didn’t care much for this film (in fact I don’t think I’ve ever really cared for anything I’ve seen with Craig Hill in the lead except for A Taste of Killing), but that is a really cool poster.