Burst Angel

Anyone else seen this anime? What do you think?

I bought the set a while back, as I occasionally enjoy a well made anime and the description of this one stated it was inspired by spaghetti westerns.

Didn’t live up to my hopes… it had spaghettish music, and a big Mech-Robot named Django- complete with cowboy hat and side irons, but for the most part I didn’t feel the influence showed through much.

The main warrior chic/gunslinging gal (named Jo) was closest to a gunslinger from the spaghetti tradition… quiet, withdrawn from the female she’s constantly protecting, etc…

Unfortunately the show falls into annoying anime stereotypes quite often, with wide eyed giggly girls and the like, and the shows tend to follow a predictable formula with every episode… The action sequences most often end up with the Mech-Robo-Django fighting the battles, and since I’m not into the Mech stuff, at all, this loses a lot of points for me

Still, it manages to win me over by the last disc and I imagine will probably get a better rating on the next viewing.

When something claims to be influenced by my favorite genre, expectations immediately sky-rocket for what it should be like in my mind.

no anime fans here, I take it?

I’m not really an anime fan. They seem so dark and violent. And it really creeps me out to see darknes and violence animated. The sectionof Kill Bill I hated the most wasthe anime part. All just my own opinion and I wont directly bash on anime too much.

I only know anime series i watched when i was a kid [stuff like “Yattaman” or “Captain Tsubasa”], “Ghost in the shell” and “Akira” [a masterpiece in my opinion], so i can’t be of any help, sorry

oh, by all means, feel free to bash at will :wink:

I tend to not like my anime unless its dark, which is one of the reasons I had trouble with Burst Angel- not dark enough

Ghost in the shell and Akira are of course outstanding… I hadn’t viewed much in the way of newer anime until recently… there’s quite a bit of stuff that’s pretty cool. A lot of it I’m still not keen on, but some of its really interesting

Gunslinger Girl & Death Note are two of my current favorites… Gunslinger Girl is a beautiful show…

Well I’m not a fan per se, but I attended high school in Japan for a while when I was a kid (over a decade ago now actually) and still have every issue of the complete original Dragon Ball series in Japanese. I’m thinking it might be worth a fair amount of money now.

Yeah, I’m sure it would probably be worth some money… that’s the original manga?

Yes the original manga comic books; they actually make a really cool picture along the spine when you put them all together. I used to watch the anime as well although I never really liked Dragon Ball Z or GT after he was all grown up with no tail.

That’s cool… I never got into the actual Manga side myself. I did read the Akira manga, which sheds a ton of light on things left out of the film

Wasn’t much on Dragonball either, as like I said above, I only really get into the darker stuff… but I knew quite a few people in the highschool days that were into Dragonball

I’m pretty impressed with the direction the newer stuff is taking though… they’ve finally managed to get away from the horrible English dubs and are now using good voice actors, the animation itself is of course advancing, and a lot of it is getting away from the typical anime cliches which I don’t find very appealing…

As it used to be geared to an older audience, but still retaining many childish qualities, a lot of the newer stuff is straight up written and made for adults