Buona Pasqua (Happy Easter)

Buona Pasqua

(To All Those That Celebrate This Holiday)


Happy Easter! Spent mine eating candy and watching Lone Wolf and Cub, The Dirty Outlaws, and Equalizer 2000. Hope you all had a wonderful day as well.

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I need to check out “Dirty Outlaws”
It’s on my “To Watch List”

I added “Night of the Serpent” to my list due to your Post about how much you like it

I’m currently watching the TV series Red Oaks (not a western) on Amazon Prime

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HAPPY EASTER to you too JoeCool!!!


Thanks Joe, honored to hear that! Haven’t seen it myself, but hope you’re having a fun time with Red Oaks. Seems like an interesting show.

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Yeah I liked it (Red Oaks)
But I’m a Sucker for Anything that is 80s Nostalgia

I just got done watching “The Dirty Outlaws”
Quite Enjoyed It
Might Break into my Alt. Top 20 on the Lower End (Might)
I’m going to be Creating My Top 60 List This Summer Once I complete my “To Watch List”

I’ve never actually ranked all the SWs I’ve Watched and it seems like a daunting Task but what the hell everyone else here has one :joy:

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Glad you liked it! I know what you mean about it being a daunting task tor and the westerns, as well. I’ve been wanting to make a top twenty list for awhile now, but so far I’ve only seen about thirty-six spaghetti westerns and I feel like I need to get in at least forty-five to fifty for the list to mean anything.

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I watched “Night of the Serpent” the other Night and thought it was Quite Good
First 30 Minutes were a bit Slow but Really got good after that and made up for slow start
This will definitely have a shot at the lower end of My Alt. Top 20

I can see how many can’t get over his Killing a boy to show off
I have trouble with that myself why I can’t rank it higher Minus That it would be a lot Higher

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Yeah, the movie definitely takes its time with the introduction. I love it, but can’t blame anyone for finding the opening sequence tiresome.

The flashback to him killing his son is also an understandable turnoff for a lot of people. When I posted on the film’s forum page another user actually mentioned it as one of the reasons why he couldn’t get into it.