Bullets Don't Argue "Box Set"

Hey guys,

Has anyone got this http://www.amazon.it/Pistole-Non-Discutono-Western-Collection/dp/B003BLUSHK/ref=sr_1_22?s=dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1354312186&sr=1-22

It seems like a great bargain, I have only seen Duello Nel’Texas from this lot and I really want to see Bullets and the Milian film. Can anyone confirm this set has English audio and is of ok quality?

Yep, I bought this set when I was in Italy about 5 years ago. Quality is good and English option on each.

Here’s a link to a review of (all the films in) the box set
mostly useful because the screenshots give an indication of quality.

As Phil says, English audio on all of them. Personally I wasn’t a massive fan of all the films I recall: I seem to recall enjoying some of Bullets Don’t Argue, finding Duello nel Texas watchable but a bit dull, and enjoying the McGregor films in a “this is obviously a bit rubbish but basically entertaining” way. I haven’t yet got round to “Providence”. Anyway, your opinion may vary of course, and you can’t fault the quality of the DVDs.

Thanks for that info! Sounds like a good buy now that the Koch Bullets Don’t Argue has gone into crazy out of print prices.

Maybe it´s my player (though I doubt i), as I never saw this mentioned, but English audio for the first McGregors film goes out of synch after a while. Really annoying. Don’t know if it turns out right after a while? (turned it off).

As far as the rest is concerned: A good buy with nice transfers and English audio, though I haven’t checked them all yet.

Yes, actually, now that I think about it, that happened on my copy too. It was a while ago that I watched it, but I think it’s only the first 10 mins that are out of sync, and after that it’s OK.

[Edited addition - it is in fact mentioned on the page that I linked to earlier (or at least the review of the film that’s linked to on the page that I linked to!)]