Bullets and the Flesh / Il piombo e la carne (Marino Girolami, 1964)

(Frank Talby) #1

Rod Cameron stars as the antagonist Nat Masters who’s daughter Mabel (Patricia Viterbo) is in love with an Indian named Chata (Bruno Piergentili) and he’s not a happy camper. While not looking like a spaghetti western (it was still 1965) this was pretty enjoyable and seeing Rod play a real jerk of a character was nice after seeing him in Le Pistole non Discutono as the hero Pat Garrett. There’s some decent action and the ending is definitely not your typical Hollywood ending.
It should also be mentioned that genre director Enzo Castellari’s father Marino directed this under the pseudonym Fred Wilson.

Anyone else seen this one and what are your thoughts?

(p.pereira) #2

I actually bought the Divisa DVD a couple of days ago. I’ll try to see it in Christmas hollydays.

(Frank Talby) #3

Let me know your thoughts on it.

(p.pereira) #4

Sure. By the way it was really cheap, less tan 5€.

(Frank Talby) #5

Nice pickup indeed.

(Silence) #6

Seems good. I remember seeing the trailer.

(Stanton) #7

I’m just watching it. Poor Italian locations so far in this cheapie.

(Frank Talby) #8

Yes the locations are lacking in it.

(Chris_Casey) #9

I watched this one quite a long time ago. I don’t remember getting too bored, or falling asleep, or becoming violently ill or anything while watching it. But, then again, I don’t remember much about the plot, or anything else, either! So, I think it is safe to say that I found it unmemorable.

(Stanton) #10

I fell asleep.

Chris, in fact there wasn’t much too remember.

Very un-spaghettiish, very naive. Half romance, half western, half nothing.

(ENNIOO) #11

Greedy landowner ( Rod Cameron ) sets up a clever plan to steal lumber from the Indians for a contract he has with the railroad. Cameron’s daughter is in love with the Indian chief which complicates things further.

Some of the shootouts have everyone giving it there all, but not many people seem to be dying. Indians look ever so sweet so hard to take it serious when they do kill someone. Engaging enough story, but film is average on the whole. Peter Tevis sings the title song. For people who like their early made Spaghetti westerns.

(Frank Talby) #12

I enjoyed this very early Spaghetti western. Rod Cameron is well cast as the bigoted land owner but the rest of the cast is mediocre and the scenery and sets are adequate. If you are like me and like the early ones then check this one out.

(Silence) #13

Isn’t there already a thread for this one starated by Frank?

(Frank Talby) #14

there might be… gonna check

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found it!


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Merged 'em!

(ENNIOO) #17

Thanks :slight_smile: .


Bellow average this early pasta was. The idea of a beautiful blonde in a love relationship with an Indian and her father being a racist landowner was not that interesting nor was convincing.

(The Man With a Name) #19

Does anyone have an English fandub of the French or Spanish DVD they could send me?

(The Man With a Name) #20

Still looking for this if anybody can help.