Brokeback Mountain

I just saw that this “western” from 2005 about two gay cowboys got nominated 8 times for the Academy Awards.

Has anybody seen it and is it worth watching?

:stuck_out_tongue: Dont think so

Hm. I am really interested inthis thing. The only thing what discourages me a little bit that it is from Ang Lee and so you can’t expect a real western. I can’t even imagine that there is an entire movie about gay cowboys…

Its set in the 1960s.two cowboys “discover themselves” while alone in the mountains.then they are conflicted about it and the effects it will have on them and their family.i havent seen it (and dont plan to) but ive read the reviews and this seems to be the plot.aint my cup o tea,but then again neither is 90% of the movies that are released nowdays.

So it’s a todays-story in a western outfit…

DOES ANYBODY REALLY GIVE A RIP ABOUT THE OSCARS? BESIDES many of these oscar nominated movies has most people even seen?the only way a movie can get nominated is to be" far left “politically or” gay".check out this years nominees and see if you can find a pattern.copote-gay.brokeback mt-gay.munich-sympathetic toward terrorist.syriana-anti american.AND HOLLYWOOD WONDERS WHY THE BOX OFFICE IS AT AN ALL TIME LOW. ::)morons.

Sometimes I do, yeah. E.g. when Jaimee Fox won the award for best actor as ray charles, cause the movie was great and fox too. I was satisfied :wink:

Sorry wouldn’t waste my time on a love story of two cowboys …blecchhh >:(

Van James

Although brokeback mountain is not so good the trailer of brokeback mountain 2 might be worth watching :wink: :

Hi !

I was a bit suspicious too about what they call a “gay-western”…I think this term causes some misunderstanding. It’s not because you put people wearing cowboy clothes on screen that it makes a western out of it :stuck_out_tongue:
Because I was writing myself a story happening in the '60s, I read the book and saw the film.
It’s definitely NOT a western, it’s a pure and uncommon love story film.
Love stories aren’t usually my cup of tea, but I really loved this one because the actors were sincere and real, the story simple and amazing, landscapes beautiful,…
For me, it is really worthing to see it. Just to judge by yourself.
I understand some people disliked it (mosta people I know did) but go and have a look by yourself and then let us know what you think of it :wink:


I gave up on the Academy Awards after Ennio Morricone was snubbed several times. Also if you go back through their history many great films, actors and directors have been overlooked while a one-hit wonder receives an award and then disappears. The Academy awards what it’s members feel is hot at the moment and often when they split a third film, actor etc. wins. I also haven’t watched the show in several years as I know or care little about todays films and participants. When a long time actor has to audition before a recent college grad who knows nothing about the history of film or this particular actor’s work something is wrong. No creativity either as the theaters are filled with remakes or TV ripoffs. Animation SFX has also ruined the industry. It’s now totally a business and not an art form. One look at todays poster art says it all! :stuck_out_tongue:

No offence, but hasn’t the Academy Awards always been concerned about nothing else but mainstream cinema?

yes, i miss the painted movie posters.check out robert mcginnis website, he was the artist for the 60s james bond posters,great artist…as for movies i think asian films are where its at right now ,i love those martial chivalry films like HOUSE OF FYLING DAGGERS . the last hollywood movie that impressed me was SIN CITY,no pretense no p.c. bs ,just a fun film with incredible visuals.

Yes Tom, I think you’re right… :-\

i don’t even want to watch this film but i’ve heard the ending is quite funny.
can anyone enlighten me what happens.

I wouldn’t call this a western, just because the main characters wear cowboy hats and part of takes place in natural landscapes. It’s a beautiful dramatic film though, with a great score and camerawork.