Brasilian "Weird West" anthology / cowboys and zombies poster

My South-of-the-equator amigo Cesar Alcázar and Argonautas Editoria are publishing the second volume of their Sagas anthology series this April, and it will feature spaghetti-influenced weird western stories (their first focused on the sword & sorcery genre). Cesar runs the blog B Movie Box Car Blues[/url], and previously ran the fantastic spaghetti-themed blog Dollari Rosso, so he knows his stuff. I’m sure these stories are going to be awesome, and if you know Portuguese, you should buy a copy. If you don’t know Portuguese, maybe we can hope there are translation plans for the future…

To help him advertise the effort, I designed and drew the poster seen above, which Cesar unveiled to the world on the Argonautas website today.

More information on the project can be found at the [url=]Argonautas website

Looks awesome. If they do ever put out a english version I’d buy.