Brad Pitt starring in Red Dead Redemption western

Brad Pitt is planning to make a movie version of video game hit Red Dead Redemption.

Sources say the Hollywood heartthrob is the hot favorite to play renegade outlaw John Marston in an epic cowboy shoot-em-up based on the PC-game.“This is an exciting project with a great character at the center of it,” a source said.“The idea is to make this in the style of an epic Western movie but with a few modern touches.“Brad is perfect for the role and he is being given first refusal.”

The tale of Red Dead Redemption takes place in 1911 and follows protagonist John Marston, an ex-gang member whose family is held captive by government agents to force him to hunt down his old associates. Traveling from New Austin to Mexico and meeting some very memorable characters along the way, the game lets players experience the Old West like never before, with gameplay elements including authentic horseback riding, poker games, cattle herding to good ol’ gun fighting.

Hmm. Interesting, I hope y’all know that Pitt as Jesse James and not Marston.

Yeah, i dont like Brad’s as Jesse. And the movie too. I hope will be good director and good cast for the Red Dead

I like Brad Pitt, I love the idea of a new big budgeted western and with the source material this strong, it has the chance to be the first great video game adaptation. But I’m really not sure if I want to see this happen.

Red Dead Redemption is easily in my top 5 favourite video games, it’s one of the most mature, well-written, well-made (in every aspect) and powerful game I’ve ever played, and there is no way that a movie could do the game justice. Why? Because it’s a lengthy game ‘divided’ in three parts, each filled with a lot of characters, all of them memorable, and I don’t want to see any parts of the game and especially not any of the characters get axed or butchered. So unless they make a trilogy or make the movie really, really long, there is no way they’re gonna be able to fit all of this in! I’ll still hope for the best.

Yeh it would be interesting, I mean Red Dead Redemption is allready trying to be like a tribute to bunch of other spaghetti movies so maybe they should try to do that instead of being a copy of something being a copy of something else… I dunno fantastic game though

Will be interesting none the less Brad Pitt Produced Kick-Ass so he must respect source material abit as that film was pretty close to the comic

Every western coming to the big screen is good news!

But may be bad news after viewing it…

This would be cool if QT directed it. Sure, he’s never technically done a western before but he knows the genre very well.

This is true, is there any news of any new westerns part from “Jonah Hex”? which didnt get released in my country due to terrible box office results…

PS: isnt brad pitt a bit to pretty to be John Marsden ? & I’m kinda over him doing the southern voice

(if Josh Brolin didnt do Jonah Hex he would of been perfect for John Marsden I myself would of liked Thomas Jane as Jonah Hex he was fantastic as the voice in the cartoon)