Born to Kill / Nato per uccidere (Antonio Mollica, 1967)

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Pretty average western. Gordon Mitchell makes a fine prortagonist, it’s a pity he was cast as one so rarely and the old man character was simply annoying. The plot is a standard ‘fight against the greedy landowner’ stuff, but the strange thing is that landowner’s henchman is the main villain. I can’t say anything about music because i’ve already forgotten how it sounded like, so i guess it must have been unremarkable. The credit sequence - with drawings - was one of the best for me - simple but very effective. 5/10

I like the Mitchell character in this one, as so confident.

Mitchell arrives in a town where land is being purchased on the cheap by the local Mr. Big. Mitchell ( whose character is called Gordon by the way in the film ) is the kind of guy who holds the door open for a bad guy and smiles whilst doing so, and you just know he will kick his arse later on in the film. Mitchell makes a good lead and is such a strong and confident character, who is helped out from time to time by the local wise old man.

A not bad little western for me that tells its simple story without much fuss with a good role for Mitchell.

Agree with ENNIOO here… I liked the simplicity of this entry and it moves along nicely without ever becoming dull. And agreeing with both alk0 and ENNIOO about Mitchell. A little strange seeing Gordon Mitchell as the lead, but definitely was a nice switch from the usual suspects and he performed very well in the role.

Gotta disagree with alk0 about the score, I liked the music quite a bit- particularly at the end duel. But I’m sure it was lifted from other films.

A good, entertaining spaghetti.

Love seeing Gordon Mitchell in a lead role for once. Plus the music was pretty good too. Too bad the script sucked. Normally I like simplistic scripts in spaghettis but this was a bit too simple!

6/10 for me.

Not much to say about this, it’s typical yet entertaining b-stuff. Mitchell was cool.

Femi Benussi! This will be watched!

Hi yall! Is there a dvd out there for Born to Kill?


[quote=“Handcuffs68, post:8, topic:1133”]Hi yall! Is there a dvd out there for Born to Kill?


You´re welcome.

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:9, topic:1133”]Yes.

You´re welcome.[/quote]

Where can i get it from?

Yeah, sorry for that. The thing is, I had to Google it too. It´s only out on Italian dvd if I´m not mistaken. Easily obtainable on ebay.

Thanks Lieutenant, i think i’ll wait till a fandub show’s up somewhere. :’(

Here you go:

Now stop asking questions that you can find answers for yourself, lazy bastard :wink:

I came back to the western corner of spaghetti-land last night with this pretty uninspiring offering.

It started well with Gordon Mitchell sharing a room with a fly and a whore - and looked like it could have a quirky charm for a while. But, it dissolved into a straight-forward shoot-'em-up in stand-offs against 3 or 4 at a time… time after time.

Gordon Mitchell was good of course… but I’ve seen him cooler. Aldo Berti’s craggy good looks and mean ‘n’ moodyness didn’t give the air of menace we know he can exude (EL Puro), and Femi Benussi aint in it so much. The beardy ol’ scrote never shuts up, and any possible pearls of wisdom and wit due to these duffers, if it existed - was buried in waffle. Felice de Stefano’s music was uninspired, and the harmonica refrain distinctly annoying. However, the shoot count (in the head) was pretty good, and I enjoyed the wolf-loop during the latter stages.

It was ok - I wasn’t in danger of switching it off and pouring myself into bed, but neither was I excited by it. It was distinctly average, and given its cast - lacking in a bit of potential for that spaghetti stylee we so love… and that was a shame.

I had a look in the database to see if Tony Mullican had done other films but no mention of him (or his aliases)?
The imdb link had him directing only two other films - a pirate one Il Corsaro, with Robert Woods and another western called Veinte Pasos Para La Muerte from 1970 starring Dean Reed - but I can find no reference to this either.

Does anybody know about this (missing) spaghetti - or is it me that’s missing summat?**

**B.L. - have a scoot around for me will ya - I can’t be arsed! :wink: :wink:

Thanks JC :slight_smile:
I don’t think the anti-cider had kicked in this morning… :stuck_out_tongue: … even with my bad linguistic skills I can work this title out now.
I’ve even got and seen this a while back… :-[ ;D

Dull and boring. Femi Benussi who looked sweeter than ever in this one and half-decent soundtrack are only thing worth mentioning.

Just seen this one and I found it to be extremely mediocre and kinda insipid. There is hardly anything worth mentioning. The direction was remarkably nondescript and to add insult to injury, the soundtrack wasn’t much better either, painfully corny and uninspiring to be honest. With that being said, the one redeeming quality the movie has is that it never drags and the overall simplicity of it keeps the storytelling afloat. Also, if you’re looking for something with Gordon Mitchell in the leading role, it might just as well fit the bill. As for me, I doubt I’ll ever rewatch the film. 3/10

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Welcome back, Mickey! It’s been a while! Stick around if you can, sir. :+1:

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Glad to see around too, man. It’s been a while, yeah. I think I will stick around, hopefully. Gotta re-watch a lot of stuff and so forth. Regrettably, my cinemageddon account got disabled (that sucks big time), but quite a few sites that provide similar content have popped up recently, so I guess I’ll able to view more obscure flicks as well. We’ll see how it goes I guess.