Boot Hill / La collina degli stivali (Giuseppe Colizzi, 1969)

(tomas) #201

phew, 80something mins? well, certainly they are worth the watch, but don´t know what scenes precisely are missing in your version? Stanton, do you know?

(Stanton) #202

No, not reallly. Cut versions are often differently cut in different countries. We have basically an international version with a 95 min runtime and the uncut Italina version with a runtime of 100 or maybe 101 min.

I remember a shorter Geman version which missed the part with the singing girls at the end in which the song tells the audience what is beneath their seats. A sadly missed scene. Another one which is beautifully filmed.

(JonathanCorbett) #203

A number of cuts and, to complicate things still further, a different editing: the first scene regarding concessions, for instance, in the 100m version is shortly after Judge Boone’s arrival and before his saloon conversation with Honey Fisher (Victor Buono).

Does anyone know if in some version of the film this infinitely more appropriate music (taken from the original motion picture soundtrack? ???) is actually present on the closing credits?

(cochino) #204

My version is 86 minutes long and features that song in the closing credits.
It’s the DSX DVD, in case you want to add that info in the database.

(il timido) #205

Does anybodyhave more details about the recent DVD release on italian "Quadrifoglio"
Thge same label reprinted some titles previously available on DVD under different labels and, at least in one case, “Shock waves” the master is different, including an intro omitted in the first DVD release.
So I wonder if this “Boot hill” is just a reprint of the Stormovie edition (or the Rarovideo edition) or another version more

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This was an average movie not very bad and not very nice…just for an entertainment


^Below average for me, I didn’t like it that much. Besides, i hate to see clowns in westerns.

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Never been a big fan of clowns myself :smiley: .

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The movie doesn’t appear to explain what happened to Cacopoulos from ACE HIGH.

(Martin) #210

Amusing trivia: In La collina degli stivali, Glauco Onorato, the Italian (voice-)actor who dubbed Bud Spencer’s dialogue in this movie and in many others, has a small part as a minor villain called Finch. Unfortunately, Onorato and Spencer don’t appear in a scene together.


Boot Hill works in every aspect. Hill, Spencer, and Strode shine as they fight off Fisher and his gang in this one of kind spaghetti western that has divided fans for years. Many love this film while others despise it. I for one think it was very well done. First things first, I think Victor Buno as Honey Fisher couldn’t have been better. Second thing, I enjoyed the circus scenes, and I think they made the film more unique and original. Obviously, the main story follows Hill who after getting nursed back to health finds Spencer, and him for a favor. We learn later on that Fisher and his gang are taking lands from innocent people. This all leads to a unique ending where the circus people, and the miners help Hill and Spencer, and I must say it’s quite exciting to say the least.

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Amazing how this movie keeps making new friends … :wink:

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no surprise at all since it’s one of the greatest spaghs :sunglasses:


It’s clear that we have a few clowns in the forum.:smile:

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Those with funny hats?

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No, that’s Anthony Steffen

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Then he’s a clown too? Loved by millions other clowns?

Hmm, btw Scherp, that hat you wear lately …

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Yes, that’s a wonderful hat, admired by millions, and millions of admirers cannot be wrong

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Yep…love the hat :grinning:


He he, no. More like those with white-face makeup, like hmmm…nevermind.