Boot Hill / La collina degli stivali (Giuseppe Colizzi, 1969)


One of the most visually beautiful spaghetti westerns ever made imho, even topping Colizzi’s previous efforts.

Sure has it’s share of problems, especially in the third act, but the photography makes up for it. Top 20 for me.

(Stanton) #243

Very similar to my opinion. It’s an often stunning film.

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(Diamond) #244

The photography is indeed good. The story not so much. I think the question is if you prefer style or story.


I haven’t really been too active in the spaghetti scene ™ recently, cough. Ehrm, 10 years something. Are you talking about the alternative top 20? Already posted it there I think :wink:

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Ha ha

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Nah, that’s not the legendary one. :wink:

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I love Terence Hill! He was great in They Call Me Trinity, Trinity is Still My Name and My Name is Nobody. How was Boot Hill?

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I couldn’t even make it through Ace High, so I’m not sure if I’d like Boot Hill any better.

(Stanton) #252

Then most likely not.

People always misunderstand Boot Hill as a comedy and blame it mainly for the clowns, the casting of Bud Spencer instead of Femi Benussi and the lack of HC sex.

But actually it is not a comedy and the other things belong exactly to the reasons why Boot Hill is loved by its defenders. Especially the clowns I might add …

(and please, Femi Benussi with a beard, who really wants to see that?)

(Diamond) #253

Haha, now I know why you love it so much. You are a clown. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Stanton) #254

Wrong, you have one more guess …

(Diamond) #255

I give up. What HC sex? :anguished:

(Stanton) #256

What is now exactly your question? What HC sex means, or why there ain’t any in Boot Hill?

(scherpschutter) #257

HC sex? No idea, as far as spaghetti westerns are concerned. Phil Hardy says there are plenty sex scenes in Arizona Colt, but he must be the only one in history who detected them.

(Diamond) #258

Porn actor? :joy: I dunno.So why should there be any HC porn in Boot Hill. What’s the point?

(Stanton) #259

I think you misunderstood what I wrote.


See Boot Hill!!! That’s all I can say

(Diamond) #261

I really have no idea what you meant by this. You say we should blame Femi Benussi and lack of HC sex and not clowns and Bud Spencer. Why Femi Benussi and HC sex?