Bone Tomahawk (S. Craig Zahler, 2015)

This movie looks promising.

8/10 review from Arrow in the Head (the horror arm of

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Saw this today, my dribblings on the matter HERE.

Mine here, found it great:


BONE TOMAHAWK gets a UK release. That’s friggin’ awesome. Go see it! Here’s the new poster:

I began watching this a little concerned. I don’t like horror (unless it is more thriller than gore - Polanski style for example) as I don’t like excessive gore particularly when just for tasteless shock value. In addition, I don’t particularly appreciate films without a fluid camera - I never quite understood what makes people ever think “point and shoot” can be equated with cinema.

In spite of all that, this was actually pretty darn good. By the way, how did Zahler get such a great cast when he clearly had a very low budget?