Blue (Silvio Narizzano, 1968)

Has anyone seen this?

an obscure but highly entertaining western fron 1968 directed by Silvio Narizzano.
Starring Terence Stamp and Ricardo Montalban.

A violent tale of a blue eyed westerner who was taken under the wing of Mexican bandits and for many years joined them in their pillaging and hold-ups.
He wants to start a new peaceful life but the bandits won’t let him rest.

i came across this film by accident and am glad i have seen it.

it is available on a region 1 paramount dvd and it is a beautiful widescreen print.

I saw Blue i like it too,great cast and nice landscape

I’ve finished watching Blue this morning and after the bad action of the first half an hour I’m surprised at how good the rest of the film sometimes gets. Highpoint of this film are the slow moments before the big battle starts. At this point in the film you’re so into the characters that you don’t care about the over-the-top imagery and music and you just want them to stay together and live their lives in peace.

The acting in this film is good, star of the film I think isn’t Blue but the actress who plays Joanne in a very good and believable way. Ortega also is good.


I like Karl Malden in this one.

Blue is much better than it’s bad reputation. It was blamed by the critics, and thereafter a box office disaster, as far as I know.

Originally Robert Redford was engaged for the lead.

And yes, Joanna Pettet is very good!

hmmm skipped over this one a while back… might have to go back and pick it up

does it have a more American styled feel? Is this actually a Eurowestern? I thought it was American

It’s 100% British as far as I know.

Ah… well in that case…

I have an unreasonable prejudice against american westerns

Just watched this one and thought it was quite good. The only problem is Terence Stamp’s accent. Apparently, if you are born to an American family and raised by Mexicans since the age of five, you end up sounding cockney!
I imagine a company like Kino will probably release this on a Blu. The DVD is good enough for me. Very nice picture quality with a clear mono soundtrack.

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