[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases


Blue Underground’s version is region free anyway, with much better extras. 88 should try release a new title instead of Django Kill, Navajo Joe & The Mercenary. Snoozeville man :neutral_face:

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Don’t remember seeing these announced in here but Colosseo Film is releasing If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death:


and Tobis Film is releasing It Can Be Done Amigo and God Forgives… I Don’t! :


I have no idea if any of it will be English friendly.

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I guess he’s asking what the proposed 88Films release intends to provide that the region free, easily available Blue Underground blu doesn’t already. Looking at the specs for the disc it looks like new English subs and a reversible sleeve for the box? I dunno, but having previously cancelled my Django Kill pre-order in a huff over 88Films’ inability to release The Mercenary/Navajo Joe I’ve since pre-ordered it once again so, hopefully, in a little over a month I’ll know what specific improvements have been made, if any.


88 have a habit of releasing things which are already available in superior forms.

Comparison incase you haven’t seen it:



If this is English friendly (doubt it) and not a TV broadcast rip, I may just shit my pants :slight_smile:

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Just took the time to actually read what I had linked to :slight_smile: and it will have the English dub and will use a new 4K transfer.

Buy new pants!


I’ve just translated it on Google, and you aren’t kidding! :smiley:

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LOL. The many years of learning German in school finally pays off.

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I hadn’t seen that comparison, now I’m not sure if I want it again! It doesn’t seem entirely worth it.

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About time. And it only took a couple decades ;).

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Their discs are usually the superior ones, imo, (with the italian audio in a lot of their releases) or as good as the best available

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Already in there

and yes, English.

Not so sure about the Tobis box… will be interesting to see whether they will have English options

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As long as they add the Italian dubs then German subtitles is enough for me.

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Here’s another one… i think with the image comparison he mixed it up, so the yellowish ones were the MGM…

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101 Films in the UK is releasing Zorro on November the 13th:

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Great Region A news


Commentary by Alex Cox? He doesn’t even like that film for fuck’s sake.

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That’s bad. The Mercenary is in the English speaking parts of the world a highly underrated film. It deserves an audio commentary by someone who understands the film.