[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Sebastian) #1521

Confirmed region-free http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/A_Man_Called_Sledge/BluRay

(Bill san Antonio) #1522

[quote=“Sebastian, post:1520, topic:660”]Get your orders done! http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Get_Mean/BluRay :slight_smile:
what a release![/quote]
I’m not a fan of the film but the extra features look too tempting.

(Jonny Powers) #1523

I already bit on it ;D $25 is a real good deal for a release of that calibre

(Søren) #1524

Nice release. But cheap it certainly aint.

(Sebastian) #1525

[quote=“Søren, post:1524, topic:660”]Nice release. But cheap it certainly aint.[/quote] lots of stuff for your bucks tho

(Stanton) #1526

Maybe they should pack a better film to the good extras …

(Søren) #1527

The release will be $40 at least before it reaches Denmark. And that’s on a good day :slight_smile: Not sure it is worth that much. I usually don’t have time to watch the extras anyways. I can see it comes with a hopefully informative and lenghty booklet and that at least is something.

(Søren) #1528

It is also only $22 at dvdpacific which should be more customs safe than amazon (which packages are 100% (approx.) sure to be caught in customs). So it probably can be had a decent price if one shops around :slight_smile:

(the_ugly) #1529

ill wait for the inevitable non-limited single disc blu ray release

(Bad Lieutenant) #1530

What’s the deal with these blu/dvd combo’s anyway. You either watch one, or the other (depending on your hardware). Why pay for both? Makes no sense whatsoever and only raises the price.

(Sebastian) #1531

Yes I am not sure what the rationale is behind that non-logic…

(The Man With a Name) #1532

I don’t have a BluRay player and regardless of what people say, I am not going to waste my time updating. DVD is good enough and I still use VHS. Those are the only formats I am interested in. I was quite disappointed with Grindhouse’s Big Gundown release. Why provide a DVD with the US cut and put the extended cut on BluRay only? Makes no sense to me! Oh well, it was still the cheapest of all official releases. So, even if I can only watch the US cut I suppose it wasn’t completely pointless to buy it.

(Sebastian) #1533

Well I would say the combo release are one way to get folks like you to upgrade at some point. You will buy it and have both, so you can give it a try. Not upgrading is like saying “color? black in white is good enough”. The fact is that film (35mm for example) has a higher resolution than BluRay allows, technically, so BluRay is just getting you as close as possible to film projection. Saying “DVD is enough” just makes no sense on any kind of technical/factual argument, but it is anunderstandable economic argument. Wherever there is decent quality source material available, for the love of these movies, I wish they will arrive on BluRay, just like I want “Taxi Driver” on UHD-BluRay as soon as it is out, because if they did a 4k-Remastering then well… why not see it in 4K at some point in the future.

This is a hugely off-topic debate though. But this is the one reason I could imagine they package DVD with BluRays: as bait :wink:

(Novecento) #1534

I’d expect it to be due to production costs. If you are mass manufacturing and have one standard product then you might get some economies of scale over doing two separate ones. As a result it might not raise the price, but actually keep it lower because you can appeal to two different consumers at the same time. This of course depends on a whole bunch of other factors too. Criterion notably tried switching to BD/DVD combos for a while but then switched back to separate releases again.

Perhaps you should have bought the Explosive Media release. Out of curiosity on the Grindhouse release, did the “Columbia Pictures Editing Memo” have anything of interest in it?

(Yodlaf Peterson) #1535

[quote=“Novecento, post:1534, topic:660”]Perhaps you should have bought the Explosive Media release. Out of curiosity on the Grindhouse release, did the “Columbia Pictures Editing Memo” have anything of interest in it?[/quote]I’ve got both, reason being the Explosive one has the longer version in English with the extra scenes in Italian but the Grindhouse one only has the longer version in Italian.

(ENNIOO) #1536

I can relate to this :slight_smile:

(Novecento) #1537

Since you have the Grindhouse one, any chance you could shed any light on the “Columbia Pictures Editing Memo”. Was there anything in there justifying the cuts? The one that really baffles me is why they shortened the finale with Cuchillo in the cane fields. Shortening anything would have been better than that.

(Bad Lieutenant) #1538

This makes no sense. 2 is more than 1, wouldn’t you agree? Moreover, 2 entirely different production processes behind it. Therefore a single release is ALWAYS cheaper to produce than a combo.

(Sebastian) #1539

… unless you can charge more for the packaged end product of which u will sell a guaranteed limited edition, versus separate releases which might not sell completely

(Bad Lieutenant) #1540

Yeah, that’s what I meant to say; from a consumer point of view it is always more expensive. Of course the costs are transferred unto the consumer, who never asked for this. Yet he is forced to buy if he wants it, because there are no other options. In other words: They’re shoving it down our throats.