[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases 📀

I’m not gonna complain, and CF were bound to come out of their dormant state some time…

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Wonder how it will compare to Arrow’s 4K version. If it’s just as good I may pick it up as the documentary is nice to have too :+1:

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I have the previous Cult films release, which is barely better than a DVD, so if this one is as good as the Arrow release, I will probably get it. If not, I´ll upgrade to the Arrow.


I hope we see some more big ticket items around the globe as labels announce the one or the other title yet that may sell well in the pre-holiday season… fingers crossed


I would not bet that 25% on the next release :wink:


So according to their Facebook replies, the UK Django 4K will be the same master as the Arrow with “minor improvements” made :wink:

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I heard that release was reference quality, so I wonder how it can be improved upon.

I hope that’s the case, although with Cult film’s track record I’m slightly worried about what ‘improvements’ they’ve made, considering the Arrow 4K is considered one of the best 4K release they’ve done

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Road to Fort Alamo Update:


Has anyone got the specs on the El Rojo German Blu Ray? Languages, subtitles and running time.

The information on Amazon is unreliable and the running time is wrong. The Wild East DVD was 81m.

I need to find someone to verify the specs… dont own it.
This could be correct: El Rocho - Der Töter Blu-ray - Bewertungen - BLURAY-DISC.DE

German/Italian audio. No info on subtitles (several of the Koch DVDs have unadvertised English subtitles).

You really can’t compare Mediacs to Koch. Plaion/Koch usually care about quality and customer satisfaction. Mediacs don’t give a damn.


Amen to that amigo! :+1: I just wish Plaion/Koch did SW releases a little more frequently and not be so secretive about them. They’ve all been pleasant surprises so far, but small crumbs just to excite us would be a nice bonus from them.

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Yeah, where has their number seven in the current series gotten to? Huge delay in their releasing schedule for that line.

shouldn’t be far off, but I agree with the frequency being a bit lacklustre… however, they also have distribution of Explosive Media in their roster so technically they more or less release a spaghetti western a month


@Pumaman updates some specs in the database

El Rojo has German, English and Italian audio (English not mentioned on the artwork) and no subtitles. It runs 78 minutes and looks like exactly the version which is on several of the YouTube Western channels. The discs (only the discs) say UNCUT, but that must be a lie I guess…


Do you mean in terms of picture quality or just in terms of edit?

YT version to my knowledge is cut…I will ask a friend who did a comparison.