[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases 📀

Probably a gargantuan step up from these, were they even anamorphic?

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Well, maybe it actually is day for night… :sweat_smile:


I hate it when they do that. Doesn’t anyone quality check these color corrections? Their software notices an anomaly (blue tint) and “fixes” it, and nobody notices… I think it happens more often than we think because most of us don’t remember the movie’s original look, e.g. from an old VHS or so


To be clear, all the old versions I know had glorious sunshine. Only the new Blu-ray has this DFN look. In my opinion DFN doesn’t make any sense here. The Stranger arrives, walks into the cantina, has a drink, kills a guy, goes upstairs, enters a room, looks out the window and is even slightly blinded by the sunny day outside. So, to make any sense he’d have to have arrived during the last moments of blue hour in the early morning. Not to mention the DFN looks silly with stark shadows from the sunshine and a bright sky above.


Malombra pre-order starts tonight… adding some details to the database as I am speaking with them to elicit some details on the release :slight_smile:

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I think I was just looking for encouragement to spend more on blu rays, anyway I’ve caved now and ordered through the database links.

They are full screen. Look pretty good for what they are but I suppose I’ve just gotten used to them.

Details added

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On Friday I got my copy of Stranger in a Town. Today I watched. Good picture, even very good except for DFN scenes. I almost forgot how good the movie was. Audio interview with Tony Anthony is 37 minutes long.

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Anyone have an idea why the two new releases of the stranger films don’t want to work in my player? They are german region B blu rays as usual, never had an issue with any others before, is there something I am missing here?

player is set to the region? others work? one thing I would try is to disconnect your player from the internet if it’s connected. Not sure what other regiona locking mechanisms exist…

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45 pounds ain’t too shabby https://amzn.to/3qtXlVr

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Miraculously got them both working today. I did have some trouble again though with them refusing to play, but then after trying again later after a few failed attempts the logos came up and it took me to the menus. I have no idea what the issue is here.

But the stranger has never looked better! And it is wonderful to see these films get some love. As @DocMarlowe said, the audio interview with Tony Anthony is excellent, I put it on to check it out and had to listen to the whole thing - really interesting, and he recounts stories very well.

Just need them to do the same with the silent stranger now … and Blindman while they are at it! :wink:


Plaion announcement tonight!


Exciting - are those hints? Will this be one of their big square box releases?

Yes and yes. What could it be? Run man run most likely not judging from pics … But Almeria locations

Screens are from their instagram

Is this supposed to be a quiz? … because it’s a bit easy :wink:

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Yes and yes ;)) so what’s your guess?

‘Django spara per primo!’ :wink:


Ah that makes sense… And I knew about it, just not when… Thought another one will come first