[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

They didn’t “say” anything, it was just a hint from the producer’s annual coded list he always posts on Twitter to have everyone guessing


Well it worked lol

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Arrow just posted their Teaser image for the September announcements for Friday. Does this picture hint at some Western goodness?

From the Arrow thread on blu-ray.com:

That’s the course of the typhoon Marie aka Toya Maru Typhoon (1954)

A Fugitive from the Past(飢餓海峡) (1965) Directed by Tomu Uchida


Oh, I totally forgot someone guessed one of the those.

KL have signed a 22 film deal with Gaumont, I wonder if that might include


That would be awesome. That is definitely in my top 5 of movies I want to add to my collection. It is a great film.

That would be awesome!!!


Please note that the SWDb has a “tbc” in a few places, because we will confirm these specs for you once we have the disc, as the marketing deparments don’t always know it all


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How many of these are we expecting them to do? Was it going to be 10?

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Yes, it is a 10 part series

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I’m officially a big time sucker now :grin:, that artwork is gorgeous. While it stinks they’re only Exclusives to their site, Koch still does a damn fine job on these Westerns. Put me down for a copy.



Wow, very nice! So much to buy! California, Dirty Outlaws, Coffin Full of Dollars… I’m broke end of the year😄

I just popped it in (received an advance copy today) and updated the specs in the SWDb accordingly. Unfortuantely, the disc contains NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES this time (but audio).

Also: Number 4 will arrive in October, so the third one will probably be announced somewhere in August as well

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Thanks, important information for me.

Nice!!! :+1:, Herr Bruckner is on fire with all these releases lately, I hope Johnny Hamlet is next on the docket.


Bit gutted about the lack of English subs but I’m still really happy to see it get Blu treatment from a great company. Might have to double dip on Arizona Colt as well if it has Italian audio with English subs.


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I really hope so. My most wanted english friendly release of any kind.

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