[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

Not sure about all of them but i have that “Great silence” Spanish blu ray myself and it’s an official release. Not a bootleg.

this specific one or the one before? because this one also doesnt have any company info on it…

@Admin Yes that specific one:

Australian company Umbrella Entertainment seems to have Django Shoots First releasing on blu-ray on March 3, 2021

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Cool! My Birthday is March 21 and I’ll be adding this to the what to spend some of the B Day money on list.

The Minnesota Clay announcement just made my day!

so what’s the company/label releasing it?

@Admin just checked, no company(s) listed on Blu Ray. Also put the disc in the player and no logos or anything, pretty much goes straight into a menu. My guess is it’s a grey market release, but since it’s a official BD disc and not purple or any other color it’s at least not a bootleg or burn on demand type of release.

Slight correction in very small print on actual disc there is a company listed:

“Blackfire Productions S.L”

Interesring, but doesnt sound official, the material of the disc is irrelevant :slight_smile:
Thank you for checking and verifying

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What’s the English dub like on Minnesota Clay (I’ve only watched it in Italian)? Worth replacing my French blu-ray just for that? Or is the picture quality going to be drastically better too?

I’ve only seen Minnesota Clay in Italian too. I imagine with the announcement that Prepare a Coffin is going to be getting a 4K transfer, the same might be true for Minnesota Clay and Alive or Preferably Dead too. I’m actually upgrading to the Explosive Media release mainly for the English subtitles to the Italian audio as I’m not a fan of English dubbing.

This upcomin release(s) of NEVADA JOE will have German and Spanish language options and English subtitels.

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not many details known yet, but ezy has what looks like a provisional cover art

It might be good, Umbrella released Beyond the Law a while ago it was letterboxed widescreen, and Kid Vengeance was a fullscreen transfer, their Long Ride From Hell DVD was the same as the code red … it’ll probably be the same as the old uk DVD or dorado… they release some amazing Australian Blu rays though

And none of this was in the database, chuck! I fixed that. Can we make you our Australia quality control deputy sheriff? What else are we missing in the SWDb from down under?

Oh yeah sorry, I forgot to mention them before

Crazy this Django Shoots First release, I didn’t realise it was going to be a Blu Ray


Interesting. I tried watching this a while ago and couldn’t take to it…the print was awful though so this may be worth buying if the image quality’s good.

What are other websites and release calendars in various countries that we can regularly check? We definitely need a few mates down under to keep an eye on whether the SWDb is correctly listing all the Australian releases…


I just figured out the sorting on releases from blu-ray.com, so that may be old news but it’s all I have.

But by deciding on either worldwide or a specific country like Australia, releases can be sorted by recently added or release date amongst others.