[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Phil H) #2267

I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas on this one. :grinning::upside_down_face::grinning:

(Sebastian) #2268

So here is a screenshot comparison of the Great Silence BluRays…

(Søren) #2269

Absolutely gorgeous.


Wow the German one looks way too warm.


Let us gaze upon with jealous eyes…

(Sebastian) #2272

It says region A locked? Wasnt this whole box marketed as region free? Maybe they just put the logo up there because they have to

(Søren) #2273

Arrow’s releases that are put out simultaneously in the UK and North America tend to be region free. But who knows.

(Sebastian) #2274

on their UK site it says region free, it might well be that the US disc either shows a Region A sticker for license reasons or is actually region locked… which of course doesnt make sense if there is an identical version somewhere else that isnt… but regions were never about logic…


I am very happy this release is here, but … ‘unboxing videos’, really ??? - if I ever become such a far gone nerd to make this type of vid, I won’t have the family pet sitting licking the packaging !!!

(Søren) #2276

Sounds like you have the ground rules all set up. Post a link to your channel when it goes on the air :slight_smile:

I actually like these unboxing videos, of movies, games, whatever I find interesting.


Think I’ll get warmed up with some sock drawer tutorial vids, then a masterclass on folding T-shirts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: not quite ready for unboxing yet … but I’ll keep y’all posted. :+1:

(flynnparadox) #2278

I can confirm that the US release is region free. I got the set in the mail this week and my player - which is all region - had been set to region B (because of a previous disc I had been watching) and the discs played fine. So, they are region free.
Oh, and it’s an amazing set, by the way. So great to have all the Sartana films together at last!

(AngelFace) #2279

My Sartana box shipped from Amazon UK today.

(Søren) #2280

The listing on Amazon has now changed the aspect ratio for Amigos to the correct 2.35:1 so I think all is well :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #2281

Mine hasn’t shipped yet :frowning:

On the upside, I got whole stacks of movies here I haven’t watched yet so no urgency to pile on.

Who’s gonna write the ultimate box review for the SWDb now? It could also be a team effort…

Edit: now dispatched. Yay

(Phil H) #2282

Happy to do that.

(Nick) #2283

Team effort sounds like a lot of fun. I could chip in if you wouldn’t mind somebody who’s a relative newbie at review writing.

(Sebastian) #2284

I guess if we divvy up the movies (for a bluray box review a short paragraph on each movie should suffice, with another two or three paragraph for the extras and the audio/video aspects) we can do it in no-time. I can apply finishing touches, write the intro, etc… Nice case to practice collaborative writing in the wiki

(Nick) #2285

Sounds like a lot of fun. My set should be coming in the next week or so, but we could set up our team of writers and see who wants which film.

(Sebastian) #2286

Here’s a separate topic for the box: