[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases 📀

Mine hasn’t shipped yet :frowning:

On the upside, I got whole stacks of movies here I haven’t watched yet so no urgency to pile on.

Who’s gonna write the ultimate box review for the SWDb now? It could also be a team effort…

Edit: now dispatched. Yay

Happy to do that.

Team effort sounds like a lot of fun. I could chip in if you wouldn’t mind somebody who’s a relative newbie at review writing.

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I guess if we divvy up the movies (for a bluray box review a short paragraph on each movie should suffice, with another two or three paragraph for the extras and the audio/video aspects) we can do it in no-time. I can apply finishing touches, write the intro, etc… Nice case to practice collaborative writing in the wiki

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Sounds like a lot of fun. My set should be coming in the next week or so, but we could set up our team of writers and see who wants which film.

Here’s a separate topic for the box:


here’s the dvdbeaver review


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Here’s a review of The Specialist blu ray… it’s in french but there’s quite a few screenshots and it looks pretty good.

Also added the new french face to face bluray to the database

Several new releases I noticed in the Blu-ray.com database:
A Town Called Hell Blu-ray (A Town Called Bastard / 荒野のライフル) (Japan)
Selle d'argent Blu-ray (Sella d'argento / Silver Saddle / They Died With Their Boots On) (France)
Pancho Villa Blu-ray (France)
Villa Rides Blu-ray (Pancho Villa) (France)
Valdez Is Coming Blu-ray (Valdez) (Germany) - Funnily enough, there isn’t a blu-ray page for ViC, while there’s several blu releases of it
Several releases for Chato’s Land also on blu - Chato's Land (1972)

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Valdez is Coming and Chato’s Land are american westerns…. I don’t know if they fit in this site.

Chato’s Land is a British western and there’s also a section for American westerns filmed in Europe like Valdez is Coming.

Both of them are marked in the DB as Eurowesterns, however

we still count the UK as Europe :wink:


OK I think I got all these added now, thanks for the heads-up

Here’s some useful info on the French Face to Face release btw


October 5 (after some delay)…



Wow, look at those extras



So there’s a standard UK release for Texas Adios but not Django. Those without region free players will have to make do with the shitty Argent version :slightly_smiling_face:

Yummy :slight_smile: I will definitely go for the American double feature. Never got around to picking up Django and there it is.

This is fantastic news. Never would have expected this virtual flood of spaghetti western releases from Arrow.


I’m in the UK, region B, as it were … can anyone recommend a multi region BD player that preferably doesn’t cost a fortune ? Cheers :thinking: