[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

Thanks! I’ll use that.

I decided to look up “The Wonderful Country” (1960), a Robert Mitchum film, on the full imdb to find the German title “Heisse Grenze.” And what do you know, I see on Amazon.de a DVD from Explosive at 1/3 the price of an American release. (A great flick based on the Tom Lea (of El Paso) novel.)

It’s a good thing postage from Germany to the US is so low (not the other way, unfortunately). And no VAT. :slight_smile:

I started my current Western mania a number of years ago with SWs and only recently have been exploring old 1950s/early 1960s US westerns. Amazing how many little things from them show up in Italy later… On the whole I do find SWs more entertaining.

Dorado Films just announced on Facebook that they will release a blu-ray double feature of Dinamita Jim and A Train for Durango:

For the Spaghetti Western fans… We are projecting to release our first double feature Bluray with the film titled “Dinamita Jim” and A train for Durango. Single releases will include titles such as: Fort Yuma Gold, El Yankee, Gating Gun [Robert Woods] and a double Cameron Mitchell release. The first is projected to be out by years end, we will fine tune our dates within this month for your information.

Doesn’t sound too bad :slight_smile:


/looking up Dinamita Jim/

The Cameron Mitchell must be “Minnesota Clay” and “Jim il primo”/“The Last Gun.” They’re the only possibilities.

GBU specs and cover

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Seems like the link is broken right now…

Also does anybody else wish they didn’t use that specific poster as the cover? I’ve always felt it was the worst one compared to the others created.

From Kino:

"Besides the color correction (removing the yellowishness) we also made the following corrections and adjustments to create our 161 Minute cut of the Theatrical version:

  1. The “flip cut” transition/optical wipe from “Tuco talking to Blondie and taking a bite of his cigar to being hung” was restored to its original version

  2. The fadeout to black of the “gun shop owner with the sign in his mouth” scene is now a cut to exodus scene.

  3. The fadeout of the “Blondie passing out as Tuco is bringing him water” scene happens exactly 1 second later than how it was on old MGM DVD release of the Theatrical Cut.

  4. The dissolve from “night” scene to “coach arriving at the mission” scene now fades up from black

  5. The shot of the train leaving the station (with Tuco and Wallace on it) was supposedly longer in the US theatrical cut, before cutting directly to Tuco in the train and not dissolving out earlier to the early morning camp scene - Our 4K of the 161 minute cut matches the old MGM DVD of the theatrical cut exactly."


Pre-order now:

It doesn’t say if the original English monotracks will be used - anyone who knows for sure if they will?

But they write of the theatrical cut: Newly Restored 2.0 Mono Audio. Italian Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono; English DTS-HD MA 5.1 Audio

And of the extended cut (disc 2): Newly Restored 2.0 Mono Audio. English DTS-HD MA 5.1 Audio; Italian Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono. Optional English subtitles

Yes, but not specifically which original mono tracks that have been restored - for all it’s worth that could mean the Italian mono tracks…

Hm, most likely

The original English mono is already on the last MGM Blu, and I’m sure it will be also on the new Blu. I think it was already confirmed, but check it somewhere. Like on the Sergio Leone Web Board.

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I would assume so, but for some reason it wasn’t posted with all the rest of the specs on the official Kino Lorber page

Actually they did:

“Newly Restored 2.0 Mono Audio. Italian Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono”

This does only make sense when the first one is the English one, as this happens so be an English friendly :wink: release.

It’s an American-friendly release. :wink:


Killer Caliber .32

Two Brothers in Trinity

in October


Finally in good quality :laughing:

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I remember it as being a fun comedy so definitely look forward to it.

Also this is two movies of which one never had a really good dvd release and the other one never had one at all. Spaghetti western fans should be falling over themselves cheering for this Westernhelden series. Viva Koch Media!!

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Great news


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