Blood Brothers / Blutsbrüder (Werner Wolfgang Wallroth, 1975)

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This is one of the westerns that american singer/ actor Dean Reed made in the former east german republic DDR.

This guy apparently had leftist socialist beliefs and went to live there, after making
spaghettis in Italy for a few years.

You’d perhaps think that the old communist eastern europe was an unlikely place for making a western, but this is actually a really well-made and enjoyable film.

Apart from Reed, the film stars serbian actor Gojko Mitic, who made many westerns in east germany, and also the beautiful Gisela Freudenberg.

Blutsbrüder is basically a lovestory between a US Army officer and an indian girl. As you would expect it has some anti-american sentiments,but not in an excessive propaganda way.

It’s always nice to watch Dean Reed, he was good as Ballantine in Parolinis
Adios Sabata for instance. He even performs a little song on the disc before the main film starts. This is part of the main film, a little introduction, he speaks a few words in german too.

The dvd has only german audio, but even if you speak no german at all you can pretty much follow the story.

I would recommend this film to all fans of westerns, if you’ve seen classical westerns and spaghettiwesterns, you should also see a ComBloc western :wink:

Why not include DEFA-westerns in the database?

I think this database could very well include other eurowesterns, not just italian co-productions, after all they’re related to each other.

You’ve included the Winnetou-films although they hardly can be described as spaghettis, just partly italian-produced.

What do you think?

yeah but italian-produced fits the criteria…

if we start including defa westerns, we start including all eurowesterns, and then the next guy comes a long and “why not include all westerns”. i think we should stick to spaghetti & pizza. maybe we can make one or two pages with an overview of eurowestern beyond italy or something but i guess more than that is too much. there’s still so much work to do with just the italian ones

An overview of eurowesterns sounds fine, sometime in the future when the database has become more complete.

Eurowesterns other than spaghettis are relatively few in number so it really shouldn’t be a problem. We’re not talking about hundreds of more films.

That this database can’t and shouldn’t include US-westerns I think everybody can agree on.

It’s in the database now:


Yeah, but this was 3 years ago you moron :smiley:

Those Swedes … always kind to each other

Anyone know if their is an English friendly version of this one please ?

Watched this one yesterday night

Lindberg had send me copy of his DVD a while ago, and his introduction to the movie is adequate, although he seems to like it a bit more than I do. It’s not bad, but you sense it’s a propaganda movie, and it also feels a little corny here and there. There’s some influence of the Winnetou movies too (just look at the title: Blutsbrüder - Blood Brothers).

Like in Adiós Sabata, Reed gets a few opportunities to show his experience as a rodeo artist

@ ENNIOO : I’m afraid not, these films were probably made for the home (= communist) market, so it might be easier to trace a copy with Russian than with English subs

Thanks Scherpschutter :slight_smile: .

Well, the narrative is so straightfoward and simple, that you wouldn’t have much difficulty watching the film without understanding a word of the dialogue

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