Blogging away like there is no tomorrow

While there is ample space around the web to post and blog and share and tweet and all that, my favorite place to exchange ideas with all of you on the spaghetti western is this forum. Some of you might remember an effort dating back several years ago, it was called “Planet Spaghetti Western”, and the idea was to have a blog, that would automatically aggregate posts from all the spaghetti western blogs around the internet, and present them sort of as a digest. It was rather complicated from a technical perspective and in the end more work than it was worth so I had to shut that down.

But the idea has haunted me ever since: can’t we all easily come together and publish articles and post short blog posts and all that? Obviously you could do that right directly in the SWDb, and more and more folks are publishing their articles there (let me know if you wana do that, too). But for some, it might be a big hurdle. So I am exploring ways of easily blogging right here in the forums, without having to learn or do anything new.

It is a sneaky and possibly revolutionary way, perhaps. What it does: only this magazine category is set up in such a way that for new topics, the first image of a post is used as a big header, and then there are a number of smaller tweaks that will make contributions in this category a big more like a blog or magazine than the rest of the forum.

Stay tuned. Once I figured it out, I will make an announcement. I still see some things that would need fixing before we officialy go ahead with it.

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Test of a reply. These are visually set apart from the main article.