Blindman/Vengeance of the Barbarians

I note that in the entry for BLINDMAN, the US title is given as VENGEANCE OF THE BARBARIANS. Can someone confirm that this is actually correct, please ?

In the UK, VENGEANCE OF THE BARBARIANS is the correct title for a different Tony Anthony movie: GET MEAN.
The title is completely appropriate in this case, since the Anthony character time-travels back to medieval spain and becomes embroiled in an EL CID type war between the Spaniards and the Moors.

that’s interesting. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about this in particular. Maybe someone else?

I highly recommend it if you like matalo, tex and the lord of the deep, or death walks in laredo.

I’m quite sure that that is a mistake, unless there was some sort of mux up of titles.

spot on with the U.K. title mate