Blindman & Red Sun?

I watched Red Sun today and the scene below (screenshot attached) looked like the fountain we saw this weekend that was part of the Blindman town. is this the same mockup town?

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Can not find anything that matches fountain or buildings in any of my Fort Bravo photos. Very similar fountain in that courtyard we stood in but I would say the one in your screenshot is a lot bigger.

well really just look at the fountain, and think of the leftover fountain amid all the rubble that was the old blindman town, on the hill near the GBU opening shot richard took us

Hey sorry Seb…I was thinking of Fort Bravo…forgot the other location…I will take a look.

Here is the link to a screenshot of the fountain in Blindman. I can definitely see the similarities and the central bit has a bit of a lean in both…also the buildings have the same style…maybe you are on to something Seb. IMO could easily be the same from a different angle…damn we will have to go back to Almeria to check it out…what a pisser.,759.0.html

Dunno Seb - I’ve studied and studied but I’m not sure … but, that pic is definately the same town that they all hole up in in Ben and Charlie - thney all sit around that fountain at about 58 minutes in (Wild East dvd).

Quite possibly, but do you think the one in this pic looks a little bigger maybe, might just be the angle though.

Yeah, I think it maybe the same middle bit of the fountain (same shape and angle?) in Blindman as in Red Sun - but it’s a definate for RS and B&C for the whole caboodle - I reckon.

I have a question. Is the fortress of El Condor still standing today? I cannot locate it on Google Earth.

Here’s some better pictures - of the remains of the town that we visited - from Blindman (1971).

And here’s the same town in Ben and Charlie (1972). It’s been painted white! :o

What colour was it Red Sun (1971) anybody? (I only have this on vid and can’t be bothered getting out my old technology). Anybody seen this town pre 1970s?

Sabastian did you go see locations from westerns on your vacation? If you did that sounds like a bad ass vacation, disneyworld what!? That burger is $13.00!

Fantastic towns none the less

I really wana buy some land & film my own western on it , would be awesome…

Here’s a pic of me at the fountain from 2005.

what did you do with your arm? no wait spare us the details :wink:

[quote=“Sebastian, post:15, topic:1112”]what did you do with your arm? no wait spare us the details ;)[/quote]Remember the beach we went to with the Blindman rock, I broke it there.

Fuck me I’ve put some weight on since then! ::slight_smile: