Blind Justice (1994)

(Raph_Alv) #1

This is surely influenced by S.Ws.

(Reverend Danite) #2

"…influenced by S.Ws"
I reckon it most certainly is - great fun!

(Tom B.) #3

Great fun indeed. Cheaply made and a direct rip-off of Tony Anthony’s BLINDMAN. This could have been even more fun as a series. Armand Assante was just perfect for the part and the dark comedy was much appreciated. Just goes to show a Spaghetti western can be made today if it is allowed to happen


I like this one too.I dont see why you would consider it a rip off Tom? the only similiarity is a blind gunman …Actually asante’s chartacter is not even totally blind if i remember correctly.

(Bad Lieutenant) #5

And of course Blindman is a ripoff itself.