Blazing Saddles

Mel Brooks lets out all the stops, in this ground breaking over the top satirical western. The plot, what little of it there is, concerns a slave who becomes the town marshall of Rock Ridge, which is heavily populated by Johnsons. Cleavon Little plays the stylishly attired sheriff to his flambouyant best, and Gene Wilder is his boozy, gristled side-kick, the Waco Kid(the last time he was funny in a film). Good back up schtick by Harvey Korman, Madeleine Kahn(doing a Dietrich impersonation), Slim Pickens, Mel Brooks and a host of great character actors. But former football pro Alex Karras steals the show as the mutant baddie Mongo, riding a Brahma bull. A great climactic brawl, and who can forget the campfire scene? High Noon crooner Frankie Laine sings the comedic title song. As old as this is, it still retains it’s humor.