Blaxploitation films adapted as SW westerns

Hello all! I’ve always felt many blaxploitation films had SW elements to the point where they would slide right into a western adaptation. Anybody got any of their own to mention that could have been remade as Eurowesterns? I’m ruling out actual westerns like Boss, Adios Amigos, etc. I just mean the urban flicks. My top picks:

Truck Turner - This modern-day “bounty hunter vs the bad guys” tale practically plays like an outline for a Sartana flick. The scene where foul-mouthed madam Nichelle Nichols offers her stable of ladies to whoever can kill Truck Turner has that certain SW vibe to it. And doesn’t the cat pissing on the hero’s shirt seem like something from one of the odder SW’s?

Bucktown - Fred Williamson’s film where he goes to the town of Buchanan (nicknamed Bucktown) after his brother’s death. He learns the corrupt lawmen/“town bosses” were responsible for it and calls in his Vietnam War buddies to help clean up the town. After they do so his buddies then start throwing their own weight around and become just as bad as the previous town bosses. Fred then has to blow away his former comrades, too and walks off with Pam Grier on his arm. Make them Civil War buddies and set it out west and we’re firmly in Eurowestern territory.

Black Samson - The bad guys want to muscle in on Samson’s nightclub/“Saloon” but he wages a one-man war against them and eventually inspires the whole neighborhood to rise up against the crime bosses. “Trade Samson’s kendo stick for some pistols” as it were and swap his dashiki for a pancho and off we go.

To get the ladies involved you could have remade just about any of Pam Grier’s 70’s films as westerns, maybe starring Sybil Danning or Caroline Monroe and just wait for the money to roll in.

And I know you could reverse the way I worded this and said to name some blaxploitation films where it seems like they just dusted off a SW script and gave it an urban setting. Anybody else have any they want to add?

Well, the typical aspects of blaxploitation I think isn’t the violence and SW elements, it’s the black casts and black environment

Apart from that they’re mostly tough 70s thrillers

So what would be the point of making them westerns?

Or do you mean they should be westerns with a black cast?

There’s no particular “point” beyond the fun of just kicking around the idea of how films from various other genres would translate into SW’s. I do the same thing with Post Apocalypse films but those films seem to have been covered already for their SW elements elsewhere on this board. I’m not proposing this to any studios or anything it’s just for fun. Next I figured I’d do gangster movies like Milius’ Dillinger and ways they would fit in as SW’s but as a newbie I didn’t want to start too many new threads at once. Someone might just as well have asked “Why bother doing Yojimbo as a western?” Like I said it’s just for fun, and the films could be black cast or not, depending on how the person posting a reply would prefer.

Yes sure we can have a little fun

I just mean it would be hard to make a “blaxplo-western” if it didn’t mean having a black cast

And most of the things that make a blaxplo a blaxplo, so to speak, would be impossible to bring into a western setting :smiley:

The outrageous 70s fashion, afro hair, big 70s American cars, black pimps, funky music, and so on and so forth :smiley: