Black Killer (Carlo Croccolo, 1971)

I think they re-appear in “un bounty killer a trinita”, where parts of Black Killer were recycled.

They do - there’s a piccy of em in the Recycled SW thread - great looking pair of hombres.,893.0.html

Oh yea! Everybody likes 'em, friend or foe, from tip to toe!

How violent i tis one? As a trashy 71 movie expect at least some violence.

Average violence level as fas as I remember.
Some blood in some scenes, for example the sheriff has to suffer a bit.
I kinda like that movie - you can’t expect much from a flick like that, but Black Killer doesn’t disappoint you.

I hate those guys. Probably I least favorite SW baddies alongside the youth gang from Specialists.

Yea, but it’s an enjoyable pain. Especially the way, the o’ Haras say “goodbye” to each other by putting their right hands on the other’s shoulder. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Why the heck does a director do things like that in a movie? Does he think: Wow, that shoulder thing is an awsome odea, this will make me the next Leone…

Ok, but we have Kinski and his armed folios…

HAHAHA I don’t know what the director was thinking. I would pay a hefty sum to see the expression on John Wayne’s face if he saw that movie, and that scene in particular.

The Duke was still alive, when the movie was screened - maybe it was his favourite flick.

You never know !

I think he liked it because of nice scene with Marina Malfatti.

Its funny this got brought up because I always think of how the Duke would like Spaghettis. Well, I know he would hate them because very few of them show working class people buildiung the west. Or conquering it.

I think you’re right Korano. I like the big Westerns of the Duke, especially El Dorado, or The Marshall, or The Shootist. But that’s something completely different. His west was not the Italian west.
But you never know, maybe he liked those mean westerns we love so much.

Just watched this…it left me feeling kind of guilty for enjoying it (kind of like having greasy hands after eating the popcorn). At times I almost lost interest but then some gratuitous nudity would show up and boom - interested again!

What can I say that hasn’t been said? Upon reflection I’ll happily add this to the many many “3 out of 5 stars” rating that I’ve given so many - but if Kinski hadn’t been there it would have been a 2.

I don’t remember where it was, but I read that Wayne hated Italian westerns. I assume it was because they painted a western landscape so far removed from what he perceived it to be. I always thought the Italian counterparts were far closer to what the real west was like than what was displayed in the American films anyways.

In regards to BLACK KILLER, I thought it was an awful movie (save for the nudity). One of the few DVD’s I regretted buying. Kinski looks like he’s sleepwalking through this one, although he looks just slightly less tranquilized than he did in the even more awful, HIS NAME WAS KING.

For me BK is a cheapo classic. I like it for the trash factor.

A Fistful Of Books I call this one ;).

Nice title, how about “Booklet on a string”?

Even better :wink:

As a norwegian it was fun to see Fred Robsahm who is norwegian and was actually my brother-in-law’s ex. wife’s uncle. There was a TV program about Robsahm about a year ago . He lives a quite life in a small norwegian town.